About me….

Welcome to ZIGOZAGO!

ZigoZago is an extension of my passions and interests in all things fibre….

…the result of my search for unique, artisan yarn in a dazzling variety of hand-dyed colors, my obsession with high-quality fabrics to sew into modern and unique garments.

I have been knitting and sewing since I was a little girl, a talent passed down from my Italian Nonna who was a gifted seamstress and knitter. When she visited, she would spend her stay with us mending and fixing things and leaving behind a crocheted blanket or two..

I renewed my own passion for the Handmade since having children myself. I had a strong urge to welcome my first baby with lovingly made cardigans and a cosy blanket to wrap her in. Having winter babies certainly has helped and I soon had a growing collection of colourful woollens.

Smooshy with Cashmere

I never stopped knitting and as my skills improved, I began looking for more elaborate patterns and unique yarn. I discovered the softness and warmth of Alpaca, how silk adds shine and durability to wool and soon was dazzled by all the fibres and colours  available.

I found that knitting became more and more popular, with artisan wool appearing at markets everywhere. Ravelry started and that really gave Knitting and Crochet a new boost in popularity. Now, we have a selection of wonderful yarns and fibres from around the world to choose from.

I have moved from Debbie Bliss to Madelinetosh, from Spotlight Wool to locally spun yarn and love the feel and look of Artisan Wool. I  love to discover independent fleece artists and am amazed at the artistry of hand-painting and dying. Over the course of the past years, I have met passionate knitters and avid sewers, shared hours knitting in wonderful company and even taught some new techniques to beginner knitters. That’s when I knew I had found my calling! I love to talk about knitting almost as much as knitting itself. I love the community feel when knitters meet. It is amazing what can be created when women meet over a craft…

So this is how ZigoZago was born. I wanted to share my passion with others. It makes me happy to be surrounded by beautiful products, to know where it has been made and how. To get to know the artisans and appreciate the time and effort put into creating a their product. To take a beautiful skein and use your hands to turn it into a luxurious and durable garment. Something that will last and can be worn with pride.

Here, you will find beautiful, unique artisan wool and other natural knitting fibres,  to create unique garments  for yourself and your loved ones.

We also stock top of the range knitting supplies like ADDI Circular Needles and Crochet Hooks, KnitPro and Art VIVA Oak knitting Needles and an inspiring collection of patterns to get you knitting….

Come and visit our shop, browse our shelves and feel inspired to create your own unique piece of fibre art. If you have any questions, want to talk about colours or need assistance choosing the right yarn for your project I encourage you to email me. ‘Like’ me on Facebook or subscribe to my blog to receive regular updates on product reviews, what’s new in stock  and to read my ramblings about knitting, sewing and family life….

Happy Crafting

PS: In February 2013 I have opened a little shop of yarn goodness in our town of Castlemaine. So if you happen to drive through one day, do come and say hi grab a coffee and fondle some of our yarns. There is a cosy couch in the corner for you to sit, knit a few rows or be inspired by our selection of knitting magazines.

For directions, hop over to the website….


2 thoughts on “About me….

  1. Hello, I just recently discovered citronille, while looking for patterns to make simple, classic clothes for my baby girl. I would love to know if you will be adding any more patterns. I do have a list of my interests. If you could kindly e-mail me, I will be extremely grateful for your precious time. I am in the United States and have not been able to find anyone who sells these beautiful patterns,

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