The organised gift giver….not

Normally I’m organised….

and each family member receives a lovingly made handmade item and in return, the tradition goes that each and every other family member also does the same and what beautiful and sometimes hilarious things have been given over the years (  I still have my foot massage voucher from 2008 that appears to have expired. Apparently 15 year old boys do not massage their mum’s feet. That would be too weird!)….however, this year things are not quite so organised and so I present to you some down sized gift ideas that I think there could still be time to smash off the needles.








Louet Euroflax Linen heading our way!

louet ginger




More Papiput is on it’s way too

The gorgeous colours of Papiput sock now in a softer and stretchier sock yarn base will be arriving very soon. MadelineTosh Merino Light will also be here sometime soon.

Until next time, Happy Knitting!






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