Yarn – A metaphor for life


I can’t wait to watch this film. I wonder if anyone has seen it yet?  It talks about the way our passion for yarn connects us with humanity and that our connection with yarn is a metaphor for life . Pretty cool huh?

Speaking of metaphors, it had not been a very good week in ZigoZago land recently. There were a few issues to deal with, as sometimes there are. One of those was that the ZigoZago mobile (aka my car) decided to nearly kill me!! Whilst passing a sheep truck!!! Now there’s a metaphor!!  A rather large chunk of metal that connects the wheel to the other bits and bobs decided to break into two. Now that wouldn’t happen if cars were made out of something more elastic and giving such as….. well, that’s just being silly isn’t it?!

Then, whilst sitting at my desk, strange gurgling sounds started coming from the nearby bathroom. Hmmm, they continued and became louder and so I decided to inspect. Sewerage yep, sewerage bursting forth from our toilet 4 feet up the walls and all over the floor. An exploding toilet no less. Now that’s what I call a metaphor!!!

The culprit was found in a nearby property where someone else’s blocked loo had been cleared by the local water company by blasting the blockage via, yep, our toilet. Lovely.

Anyway, the situation was dealt with by a cleaner contracted by the water company to deal with their mess (where can I get a permanent one of those for all of the messes?) and he arrived late that evening.  He was THE happiest, nicest, most positive person with a brilliant sense of humour. He rectified (is that too crude a pun?) the situation and in so doing, reversed the metaphor. Yay!



Anyway, back to yarn, and my ponderings are all around which combination to use for my lovely Annisa Wrap  from Ambah http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/annisa-wrap

img_4971Maybe something involving Mayestik by Papiput Yarns?

I’d love to see some of your combinations.

Happy Pondering and may all your cars and toilets behave themselves!



2 thoughts on “Yarn – A metaphor for life

  1. All good now lovely, Thanks. And you’re right about knitting not letting you down….. except when I forget to knit the armholes….then it becomes a knitted sack!!! But that’s another story!!! x p

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