String’s end

A true gem of a lady came to the end of her piece of string last week. Someone who quietly went about weaving real magic  into the lives of all she met. Not someone who would be remembered on the news or on any social media site, but who was a true super woman . Pure Gold and the very best friend of someone equally as golden  who will miss her terribly.

Another superhero gone from this world.


So with thoughts of true superhero powers in my mind, I hope she would like this and think of it as a bit of fun to be had over another cuppa.

The super power wishes of crafters

Responses From our recent fibre craft census with many thanks for joining in the fun.



  • knitting all the stockinette stitch with the click of a finger.
  • the ability to wiggle my nose and get the sewing up part done.
  • weave 10 projects at once
  • to be able to write patterns and knit faster
  • fixing a lace mistake many rows back
  • the ability to make time stand still so I could get more knitting done!
  • finding the right pattern and yarn combo in my stash with zero procrastination
  • to be able to knit 2-4 ply adult garments overnight, that fit perfectly and never pill or lose their shape.
  • Dyeing. I’d love to dye my own as beautifully as my favourite dyers do
  • To learn sewing
  • faster fingers to do all the crafts I love and learn more
  • to stretch time. Or warp a loom in under 5 minutes without stuffing it up.
  • Even tension on my stitches
  • knitting in the round
  • To snap my fingers and have it all cut out and ready to sew

And to sum it all up: ‘Something akin to the Flash!’

ZigoZago will now be open Saturdays 10 – 2  during Victorian School Term 4

Check the website for details.

New stock of Malabrigo, The Fibre Company, Cascade and arriving soon, Papiput.




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