Our little Senseless (but fun) Census


Your worst crafting disaster?

Well a huge thanks to those of you who turned their backs on the general mayhem and backstabbing involved in the recent Census  shamozzle and headed straight to the far more fun, but equally senseless  fibre craft census. After all, how many of those real Census questions would shed any light on our true interests and passions and provide any real detail on the future  needs of our nation. Not to mention the time wasted on trying to remember my children’s birth dates when I could have been knitting!!!!


Now, if I had anything to do with shaping our country’s future, I would give many of our respondent’s some time off and some free therapy (in whatever bottle they choose!!) for their absolute commitment to their art and sheer resilience in trying times when dealing with natural disasters of the fibre kind.

Disasters, mistakes, mishaps, and ‘organic, ‘rustic’ design features

In knitting, weaving, crochet, sewing and embroidery, and general fibre crafting,  it seems we are a very brave bunch. Here’s a summary of responses.

  • moths and other bugs grrrrr!!!
  • getting that gauge wrong resulting in items too big, too small or ….well…just wrong. blah!!
  • UFO’s
  • using the wrong product for the project, such as machine washable wool for felting or woven fabric where there should have been some stretch.
  • ‘just not catching on’ the first time around, sewing, crochet, first jumpers, first blankets, doonas….. oh dear.
  • knitting  mistakes in mohair that would not agree to being undone !
  • imperfect gifts. …No way. Never.
  • procrastination and indecision ….damn
  • murky, yucky, unusable  brown dye pots..yeew!
  • Being scalped whilst spinning. Yikes!!!
  • cutting holes in lovely completed knitted items whilst sewing on buttons. I could cry.
  • trying to teach friends!

And the gold medals for perseverance go to those who have made so many mistakes that they recognise them as their old friend who has come to visit again . Cheers to you all the  ‘can’t recall, maybe too many’s’ or the ‘every time……every time’.  Your unwithering commitment and optimism is hereby rewarded.knit-crochet-olympic-gold-medal.jpg


And to those of you who seem to be in denial… Mrs ‘design features’ and Mrs ‘Ugh. no – I try not to think about it’. You also receive a medal for absolute supreme optimism. Well done!!



And my disasters? Oh I’m with Mrs ‘Too many’ e.g.. the recent hat disaster involving casting on the yardage amount instead of the cast on amount. Yes, read it again. 170 yards NOT 170 stitches. It is for a human, not an elephant.

And the final words go to miss Rocket, who when gifted a very fine hand sewn dress from her Grandmother who had lovingly sewed many lovely details (well, in Rocket’s defence it maybe was a little’busy’), called her to say, ‘Thanks for the dress Granny Sue. But I don’t like it!’

Go well happy crafters. Stay Brave and Strong!



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Call or text 0417 588 288 for details

New stock of Cascade Magnum and Eco Alpaca and Malabrigo Rios, Sock, and Silkpaca Lace











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