Knitting Inspiration on the box

Glorious knitting screen time


It occurred to me recently while watching the lovely English series, ‘Our Zoo’, based on the founding of Chester Zoo in the 1930’s, that I was completely drawn into the show by the stunning knits of the era.

596e64bfea2a1d0a21beef2a447d05d2   2375b_small

A search on ravelry revealed many possibilities for replicating these gorgeous 1930’s designs.

in MadelineTosh sock.


I then got to thinking of the many sources of inspiration on the screen such as the current trend for all things Outlander, where in my house I watch to see what Claire is wearing in the numbingly cold but beautiful Scottish highlands while Paul watches to see what Claire is NOT wearing!

in Cascade Magnum

infinity3_small2.jpg      Unknown-2

In Elementary,, Lucy Liu never ceases to provide knit envy moments; ,in Swans Island Worsted

laura-full-best-web_small2      images-4

And who can forget what the series, ‘The Killing’, did for Norwegian knits? , in MadelineTosh vintage


Anyhow…. If I keep going on, it may only serve to prove how many endless hours have been spent viewing/knitting and so I won’t recriminate myself any further!

Happy knitting!


PS Cascade Magnum arriving soon along with more Malabrigo and an exciting newcomer! Stay tuned.






2 thoughts on “Knitting Inspiration on the box

  1. Haha it makes me glad to know I’m not the only one that gets distracted by the knitted goods whilst watching TV (and also knitting… it’s productive TV viewing, right?!)! Another show with beautiful knits is Land Girls. So many glorious (and impossibly complex) FairIsle knits!

    1. Oh, yes we are not alone! And I actually meant to ask everyone for their ideas on other shows but I had a pesky nine year old desperately needing the smoothie maker washed just as I was about to publish. I always loved the fairIsle knits on All Creatures Great and Small as well. Enjoy! Pam

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