New Stock Arrives With Wishes

Follow Supergirl’s adventures to the Australian Sheep and Wool Show 15 -17 July


School holidays always bring with them the promise of getting lots of things achieved, fun outings, lovely family bonding moments and long stretches of relaxation.

And then, in our house the reality sets in: Arguments over music, pop versus techno played in high volume competition between thin walls.  The great fine liner scandal of July 1st where it was discovered that probably a good 12 months ago at least, a packet of fine liner pens was ‘borrowed’ by the 9 year old from her brother’s bedroom and did not return them.  You may have heard about this on the ABC news.  And then there was the end of financial year cup shortage where, after a massive stocktake, all cups were accounted for in the 15 year old’s bedroom. All dirty of course. And so between refereeing and my in-house taxi service that puts Uber to shame, not a whole lot of knitting gets done.

As a side note to any local Uber enquiries, I am just ironing out policies regarding the middle passenger issues such as, if the leg of a side passenger happens to touch the middle passenger or if a side passenger accidentally happens to lean towards the middle position rather than to the window or if the belongings of the middle passenger might encroach into side passenger territory ….. Gotta love School Holidays!


And so to my wishes….


With lovely shades of MadelineTosh Sock, I would love this;


Or in Malabrigo Baby Silkpaca, this free pattern would knit up like a floaty cloud;


In MadelinTosh Merino Light;



My MadelineTosh Vintage choice at the moment would be;


And then, in between, I would love to knit this up as a thank you gift for someone very nice in Malabrigo Rios;


I’d love to know what you’re working on, are you making wishes for the Sheep and Wool Show too?

Here’s to some peaceful time surrounded by lovely yarn and harmonious children!




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