Finally I have found my way back to this precious space of mine….blogging, a very personal collection of my favourite patterns, yarns and sometimes simply life. With a few of my other passions thrown in.

I have been absent for quite some time now, and a few wonderful readers have taken their time to email me, wondering if everything is ok, and how they miss my posts. You can imagine how touched I was my their genuine concern. So, thank you for pulling me out of my everyday. To help me refocus my attention to this space and what it holds for me and you.

But I guess, I do owe you a brief explanation why I have left so many friends and readers hanging?

Well, without boring you with all the minute details, since the summer holidays, life has been incredibly busy, with a few wobblies thrown it for good measure. Mums with small children will be able to empathise with the often challenging phases kids go through. After a few years of blissful cooperation, my two little ones have moved into the age of rivalry and arguments, one definitely becoming an actor the other possibly an argumentative lawyer or a meticulous engineer…in the meantime, I am spending way too much time in arbitration… Don’t get me wrong, they are gorgeous and we are having fun times, but parenting them is requiring a sharp and fair mind and lots of activities to keep their boisterous bodies occupied….Meanwhile, my big girl is watching the shenanigans with disbelief, whilst inching slowly towards pre-teendom….another whole new world….

Once the summer holidays were survived, we had a small house fire, which turned our life upside down for quite a few weeks and we are still living in a state of dishevelment….as we are renting and will be leaving by May, no repairs or painting are being offered…and the building of our own house is coming with its own set of issues….

To top it all, I have been trying to get some of my health issues sorted and get fitter and leaner. Since turning 40, I have been working on my personal bucket list and I have been chipping away at setting myself up to turn my 40ties into the best years to come.

Have you got a bucket list? What would your bucket list look like? If money or health were not objection, what would you do? Of course, besides investing in delicious yarns and spend your day knitting in a mountain cabin, overlooking the Alps and in front of a wood fire? I challenge you to have a think about that and do share. Besides sharing some of my favourite patterns and delicious yarns, I would love to share some of my to 10 bucket list items…and even tell you how I go about ticking some of the boxes. Would you allow me to do that?




In the meantime, I am back with my needles in hand, once again with more than one project started….my knitting season has truly begun, and as it is, I am covering the basics first. My little boy needs a new winter woolly, and he has decided he preferred a cardigan over a jumper and it had to have a zipper, not buttons. Okay then….

I am knitting him the beautiful Billa Jacket, a hoodie, designed by my very talented friend Ambah. If you haven’t seen Ambah’s patterns yet, you better check her Ravelry page out, as she is  a woman on a knitting mission. Stunning patterns in the most delicious colours….Billa is however her first garment, and it is a winner on so many fronts. First, its seamless, top-down constructions makes it an almost no brainer. There is some very clever detailing and some new techniques that will give you a beautifully finished jacked for your child. Play with colour or leave it plain, there are tons of possibilities. In my mind I had the colours already picked and was looking forward to some colour work…but to my surprise, he picked a very….mature colour….Cascade 220 Superwash in Army Green….A great hardwearing yarn it is, so I am happy to oblige…and he will look super cute, a little bit like a leprechaun…Another great zipper cardie would be ‘Just Chill‘ if you are not keen on the hood…

My girl is growing too fast, almost needing small adult sized patterns….She has discovered a love for turtle necks and chunky knits. I had my eye on Hot Chocolate and its grown up version Caramel Latte. So a Hot Chocolate it is for her….in the squishy Madelinetosh Chunky, a yarn that I would love to have in the shop this winter…..a perfect Aran weight yarn and for her, another forest green called Moorland….

Another little knit, that is sitting patiently is a little sample knit in our stunning Meadow yarn by the fibre company. Checkerboard Lace Scarf by the talented ladies at Purl Soho. It is a great knit, but you do need to be focused….definitely not one for the Friday night movie session…

So what else is on my knitting wish list?

I am more and more drawn to very classic, simple lines this year. Lila, combined with the buttery Swans Island is close to perfection..


A cowl that has sparked my imagination, is this Wandering Cowl. Beautifully shaped and with a wandering cable pattern, I love the natural colour…I imagine a Cascade Eco wool or a subtly died Tosh Vintage.

Wandering Cowl
Wandering Lines

While I have fallen in love with shawls, cowls are really the most practical garment in the knitting world in my mind. Especially the super-long ones, that can be wrapped around the neck and keeping it all protected from a cold wind…

Now. I am not normally a bright colours girl. I have spent too many teenage years covered in black and then in Melbourne, to really move too far away from it…But I have discovered colours, and to my own surprise, I am drawn to hot pinks and fuchsias….like Road to China in Rhodolite…And imagine being wrapped up in this beautiful cowl, all cashmere, silk, alpaca and camel softness???

Lines and Corners
Lines and Corners


And finally, one last accessory that gets me through the colder season are fingerless mittens….just great for going on long walks in the morning..they do have to be well-fitting though…and soft!

Second Skin Armwarmers
Second Skin Armwarmers

These are knit in the incredibly soft Dream in Colour ‘Perfectly Posh’ and if you haven’t tried this lush yarn yet, these are a perfect project to test this yarn.

There are so many patterns that are standing out for me….I would be happy to get these on my needles before the cold hits.


Has your knitting season started?


Best wishes,



5 thoughts on “Fresh.

  1. Wonderful to see you back again Alex! It sounds like there are many positives ahead to pull you up and out of the less than wonderful experiences you’ve been having, so good luck to your journey back to a new normal! As for bucket lists, can say I don’t have one. I’ll be 40 next year, but don’t feel hurried as yet. Life is so full of things that in the moment can seem mundane and everyday, but as my dad who is in his 60’s, commented earlier this year on his life with us as little ones, he’d relive those stages “in a heartbeat”. So for now, I try to live the everyday as if it were, and it is (!), precious!

  2. So good to hear from you again, Alex. I, too had been wondering… small house fire – wow! Glad you survived that and everything else. Bucket list (in no particular order…): well, (1) health and (2) hopefully skiing at Whistler next January (and stopping at Yellowknife and so forth) with all family members (3) turning this 70s timewarp into a sustainable family home (4) making more time for friends. xxx

  3. Nice to see you back Alex, sorry to hear about the fire, hopefully you will get back to normal soon, as normal as a family can be. A bucket list is not on my agenda but then again traveling around Australia in a caravan with my hubby is on my wish list and as I am approaching 60 I guess we had better try and get one with it. Love all the patterns you showed , it just makes my list longer and it is long enough now, another good reason to go traveling I can knit whilst he drives, hmm hope this dream happens soon. By the way enjoy your kids and all the problems they give you as they soon grow up and move away, someone once told me the bigger the kid the bigger the problem and I guess they were right but I would not have missed out on any of it and I have 4 grown children now.

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