I love school holidays!

During the school term we are usually busy ticking boxes, driving to and fro, multi-tasking and planning all sorts of things….school lunches, dinners, after school activities and who goes where and when. While of course this is part of every parents reality in our busy lives, school holidays are a welcome break from it all for me…

I do love to go away on a little camping adventure, but this year we are focussing every single spare moment on building our house. So, weekends and holiday are home bound for us.  And these holidays more so than ever. You see, on the last day of school, my son came down with the Chicken Pox. And so started our almost 3 weeks of quarantine as all three turned spotty. It could have been a disaster. But to their credit, they handled it extremely well and made up some hilarious games. We had so much time on our hands that we managed to weed the entire garden and made cubbies in every corner of the house. I threw in some yummy treats, lots of popcorn and chocolate cake and a few movies. The kids thought I was the best and could not believe their luck.  I cleaned the house more that I care to admit, sorted books and washed legos (the cat weed in  it..).

Sometimes you can turn a crappy situation into a positive. We came together as a unit again, regrouped, cuddled and ate popcorn on the couch. They played together more than ever. Because there was no one else….

Admittedly, I didn’t get to knit as much as I would have if we had gone to the beach for a week. But I did finish my linen scarf and also a little pair of baby pants in this delicious yarn Savannah. I got a new baby nephew, a most beautiful little boy called Remy. I have yet to meet him and give him a cuddle and I can’t wait to smell that delicious baby scent…

And today, everyone went back to school. With excitement and butterflies in their tummies…Me too, as I have the house all to myself today and it is soooo good. A most glorious spring day it is….

And speaking of spring, we have been enjoying our yearly flower explosion in our garden with the most beautiful display of colour imaginable. All shades of pink, yellow and orange. The colours crisp and sharp and so luminous you cannot help but want to brighten up your own wardrobe to match our happy environment. I savour it even more knowing that too soon all will be dead and dry again.

I have been busily unpacking all my Cottons and arranging them in the shelves. Cascade’s Ultra Pima is adding a pop of colour to the shop.

And it is tempting me in all sorts of ways…

ultra pima1
ultra pima2
ultra pima4


Do these colours not sing to your of flowers, blue skies and golden sunshine?

Here are some ideas in case you haven’t got your needles out already, eager to get cracking on some happy spring projects.

Gemini  and Buttercup {two of my all-time favourites. Very flattering and perfect for hot days}

Chinook Scarf {if you are anything like me, you can’t go through spring without something around your neck}

Leafy Baby Blanket {even summer babies need a heirloom blankie}

Primrose {perfectly girly}

Summer Waves Cardi {simple cardi with a beautiful detail}

Ruched Yoke Tee {beautiful neckline}

Rose Garden Shawl {elegant and stunning}

Spa Towel {if you really only want a small project}

Are you inspired yet?

I hope you are all enjoying this glorious season! Too soon it will be too hot….but come to think of it….cotton is much better to knit with on a sandy beach…..



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