On a day like today, I can virtually smell the seasons change in the air. And while the flies and bees are buzzing around, so are we…there is great energy in the air and we are finding ourselves spending more and more time outside. As we are not spending as much time on the couch hibernating, my knitting time has drastically been reduced. I am on my last rows of a big girl cardi for my girl in a squishy soft merino but I am so glad to see the end of it…my attention is already moving on to different things…

I have cast on the cute Biscotti tunic for myself in my favourite spring yarn Savannah. While still 50% Wool, it boasts 20% Cotton as well as 15% each of Linen and Soy. The yarn is rustic, slubby and beautifully soft and a dream to knit with. It will make this top just so comfy to wear. Now, if only I could sit down for a while, I would have it knit up in no time…


Savannah also makes a perfect yarn for baby garments. Spring and summer babies still need some  handmade love to wear, I think, and these little baby pants are not only  super cute but just so practical.

Basic Baby Pants in Savannah
Basic Baby Pants in Savannah

A garment knit with Savannah becomes something that you put on when you want to feel cosy on a lazy weekend….

Blank Canvas {by Ysolda Teague}

Sycamore Vest {by Hannah Fettig}

Linden Shawl {by Courtney Kelley}

Schieffelin Shawl {by Kate Gagnon Osborn}

Sweet Peasy {by Heidi Kirrmaier}

The change of season has also brought in another very much anticipated yarn.

Louet Euroflax is a 100% wet spun Linen and on the skein, it feels as expected. Ropey and hard. I was a little bit apprehensive to knit with it, although I just adore Linen as a fabric and love the idea of knitting cool accessories with it…but I am a die-hard wool knitter and the warmer weather usually does not stop me from knitting winter projects. But then I started spotting projects like this cool Ombre Tank. And linen tunics. And lacy summer scarfs…

Ombre Tank
Ombre Tank

And so the Linen has arrived and the colours are just divine! They are vibrant and saturated and I love them all..

louet ginger
Euroflax in Natural and Ginger

louet shamrock
Euroflax in Shamrock

So, of course I had to  sample a skein to be completely head over heels with this fibre. Just one little sneaky skein in Eggplant is mine now and I am whipping up a little Diagonal Lace Scarf, which is coming along nicely.  And yes, I can now officially confirm that I truly love knitting with Linen. Or at least with Euroflax Linen. While it is a bit hard to begin with, it starts to soften even as you knit with it…and it will continue to soften with every wash. And a garment knit with it is hardy. It wears so easily and you can throw it in the machine and dryer and you will love it even more…so I have been told.

Diagonal Lace Scarf in Eggplant
Diagonal Lace Scarf in Eggplant

One of the most knit garments using linen must be the tunic. Personally, I love wearing layers and floaty and airy tunics can be very flattering and stylish. Linen tops are also wonderful to wear in the blazing sun to cover up shoulders and arms without feeling sticky on the skin.

Here are some tunics and other tops you might want to try.

Pipit {by Heidi Kirrmaier}

Liesl {by Julie Weisenberger}

East End {by Alicia Plummer}

Sara Tunic {by Kelly Mac}

Silken Straw Summer Sweater {by Purl Soho}

Surrounding Tank {by Hannah Fettig}

Chambers Street {by Kirsten Kapur}

Leger {by Espace Tricot}


And if tunics and tops are not your thing, totes and bags are the next best thing for this sturdy fibre..

Knit Tote {by PurlSoho}

Knit Tote
Knit Tote

Linen Bag {by Hannah Ingalls}

Net Duffle Bag

Other important Shop News would be the arrival of  SOAK to our selection….just in time for the great change of wardrobe…I have started washing all my winter wollens, ready to be packed away till next year. SOAK is a delicately scented wool wash for all your knit wear and delicates. I love the fact that it does not have to be rinsed out and leaves your garments smelling beautifully (if you are not into scents, then we also have an unscented version). Over the next few weeks all orders will have a little SOAK sample included in the parcel, so you can add a fresh scent to your wash.

We have also topped up all our Knitting Needles and Crochet Hooks. Both Knit Pro and Addi are proving to be very popular and we now also stock the beautifully presented Amour Crochet Hooks with their soft handles and smooth hooks. As summer approaches, Crochet is on the up again, and for good reason…nothing like sitting by the beach and hooking on a ripple blanket for me…

On that note, I will leave you to pull the rest of my weeds….before I can justify another inch of knitting….

Enjoy this wonderful weekend!


PS: The website is under construction, with the new website going live in the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned for some hot Grand Opening Giveaways and Discounts….


One thought on “Crisp.

  1. Hi Alex!
    Lovely post!
    The Euroflax looks very tempting! That shamrock colour!
    I have had summer tops on my mind lately, surprisingly too, as I also just knit wool through the summer. Must be something in the air. I’m tossing up between a few top patterns, including Madder’s Imogen Tee, which has been on my queue forever!
    Happy Spring to you!

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