Seasons Change.

As much as I love a good long winter, I cannot help but feel a bounce in my step. The days are getting longer and it is  great to see some daylight when I head out to go to the gym in the morning.

There is no denying that life is good in Spring, all peachy and pink and blossomy, with love in the air…

The darker side of a change of season is however the pile of unfinished projects. Started during the long and frosty nights on the couch, when all there was to do was knit and drink red wine. When every prowl through Ravelry resulted in a must-knit quick project in an irresistible yarn. Surely 3 months of wintery hibernation should be enough to cover kids and friends in wool, including some last-minute presents and quite possibly a  Veera Valimaki shawl. But no, in my case, there is about 4 unfinished projects lurking in the depths of my knitting basket. A baby cardi with missing sleeves, a half knitted cowl, a beautiful stripy shawl with 4 rows to go. Not to mention the cardi I started last winter….

And yet, here I am, considering the weather, the sweet spring breeze that is yet to come and what project I could knit for the warmer temperatures. Reality is that frost was thick this morning and the rain has not stopped. We are still ankle-deep in mud and I still wear my hand warmers every day…so, there is still hope in finishing those UFO and quite possibly squeeze in another wintry project…..

Super Easy Baby Blanket {purlbee}

The imminent arrival of a sweet new baby in our family has had me put everything aside to quickly knit up a little blanket. Of course, I am also sampling a new yarn, which is very convenient.

The yarn is Koigu. If you haven’t heard of this Canadian yarn yet, you are not alone. I only discovered it recently, after having heard lots of great things about their amazing colour range. A customer brought some in for me from her recent trip to the US. And I was very impressed by the unique feel. Whilst being a lovely merino, it  has an unusual firmness to it, which is something I have been missing from some of the superfine yarns I use.

The blanket in the picture above is the Super {Easy Baby Blanket} from Purlbee, knit in Koigu Kersti. Another first for me, as I never thought I liked crepe yarn. But there you go, a winner for me.

So stay tuned, as I will be getting a little range of the 4ply  soon….

And speaking of babies, there are about 5 new little people on their way in my circle of friends, which is always great news and a perfect excuse for some tiny in-between knitting (not so good for the UFO’s in the basket..)

I have helped a grandmother-to-be embark on her first of many knitting projects. {Milo} seemed to be the perfect choice and still one of my favourite baby patterns.

Another new pattern that looks very do-able for a beginner knitter is the {Paw Print Cardi}. It would look super cute in our new range of Skein Yarns.

Skein DK - Ayame
Skein DK – Ayame

I am loving this new base by Australian dyer Kirsten. A lovely twist and 8ply is one of the most versatile yarns and the subtle variegation are just delicious.

But if you are not knitting for a baby, then this beautiful shawl might inspire you more….{French Cancan}, would be beautiful in Skeins stunning colour ‘Hopeless Romantic’.

French Cancan
French Cancan

If a shawl is too much of a commitment, you might like the delicate {Ceramic Flowers} by the same designer. Perfect for the cool breeze we get in spring…and ‘Peppermint‘ would be a perfect match.

Fingering weight yarns are just perfect for the warmer weather, when you still want something to cover your neck and shoulders or a cardi to throw on when it gets chilly. For a strong yarn with just a bit of drape and shine, Canopy is a great choice.

Parquet in Canopy fingering
Parquet in Canopy fingering

{Parquet} is a stunning shawl. A  labour of love and just perfect over a t-shirt.

If you prefer something simpler, {Henslowe} might be just your kind of project…

Canopy Fingering in Camu Camu
Canopy Fingering in Camu Camu

{Framed Pullover} is a stunning jumper by Hannah Fettig and Canopy will give it a touch of luxury, perfect drape and most importantly, durability.

A few more patterns that will get you into the mood for spring knitting are:

{Torrent} by Lisa Much

{Chadwick} by Stephen West

{Earth and Sky} by Stephen West

{Amelie} by Gudrun Johnston

{Baby Fiddlehead} by Courtney Kelley

{Cultivar Cardigan} by Megan Goodacre

{Charm} by Juju Vail

{Honey} by Amy Miller

I hope this little list will get you thinking of warmer days. As it is, I am cowering in front of the heater and still warming my bed with a hot water bottle….it may be spring in a couple of weeks and I am still finishing off my UFO’s…

But Spring is in the air. Most definitely!

I would love to hear of your long list of unfinished projects and your plans for Spring….



3 thoughts on “Seasons Change.

  1. Ha ha, Alex, great post, you and I both are contemplating the unfinished objects lurking in the corners!
    Love the colours for your baby blanket in the Koigu, and that green for the Parquet shawl! Divine!
    Bring on the Spring! Though since becoming an obsessed knitter living in the south has made me much happier, we could even be wearing wrist warmers on Christmas Day!

  2. Started my first pair of two at a time socks, halfway through and I’ve changed to one at a time, due to my errors!
    Also more than halfway through a shawl, but have finished a cardi and sweater for myself. Can’t wait to start something else.Well be travelling thro Japan for a month in Oct, thought I might take some more socks as a little train project.

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