Do you sometimes feel you are on the go all day, everyday, with only little snippets of downtime gleaned here and there?

Well, I just had a stretch of 4 weeks where I hardly looked up to do the proverbial smelling of the roses. Add to that School Holidays and 3 lively rascals and I am feeling  exhausted and in desperate need of some quiet time. Preferably with a knitting project. Making matters harder is the constant influx of amazing yarns and the temptation of a quick-fix project to take me to the verge of slight desperation. I even fantasise about the perfect hiding spot where I can take refuge just for an hour or two. Sometimes life is just a wee bit too fast for me and I need to take a step back and go back to basics. Do an Eskimo Roll*, more menu planning, more exercise and more knitting…and a holiday to Bali would not hurt either…

However, the second best thing to hiding out on an island with some hidden yarn treasure is of course to talk to other equally passionate knitters. The best panacea to the general feeling of  ‘blah, is to surround oneself with vibrant, passionate and slighty obsessed yarnies. To contemplate the qualities of different yarn bases, muse over the stunning range of the colour grey and debate over the many benefits of crafting. …

And to help someone fall in love with a yarn and reignite that knitting fire is second to none…

Which brings me to the mother of all yarn conventions, otherwise known as the Australian Sheep and Wool show, which will be starting this Friday in Bendigo. A yearly event, the Show has gone from strength to strengths over the past years. Partly thanks to the incredible popularity of Ravelry and the Renaissance of the ancient craft of Knitting and Crochet. While I have always loved the rural feel of the show and am passionate about  supporting our local industry, the show has now started to attract a much younger and hip crowd of yarn lovers and, dare I say the word, yarn snobs.

So, with the island holiday in the background, life this week is a flurry of activity. Kids are back at school and the shop is opening its doors once again to the local lovers of wool and to boxes of new deliveries ordered to coincide with the wool show. Hurray for yarn deliveries!

Packing shelves and banners and bags, along with all my lovely yarns, we will be holding the fort at the Wool show with lots of wonderful yarns. A stunning range of the madly popular Madelinetosh (pending delivery of 2 pesky boxes who got lost in transit), a fresh batch of Skein, some scrumptious Dream in Colour and of course the supremely luxurious and addictive Fibre Company Yarns. This years big intro will be The Fibre company’s newest range called Meadow.


A lace weight yarn, Meadow boast an exiting  blend of fibres consisting of 40% Merino, 25% Baby Llama, 20% Silk + 15% Linen. So you have the bounce, the softness and drape, the shine and the rustic feel and dry hand. I have yet to try it out but I am told it is has a beautiful, modern feel and just the perfect weight for spring and summer knitting. And as usual with the Fibre Company Yarns, the range of colours is quite unique and elegant.

Meadow in Aster
Meadow in Aster
Meadow in Pokeweed
Meadow in Pokeweed

With its feather light construction, shawls are a must for Meadow and there are wonderful patterns to tempt.

The Allium collection is a series of patterns specifically designed for Meadow and the style is  utterly modern and stylish. I love the understated elegance of the large shawls and wraps.







I dare you to find just one favourite…

At the show we will also introduce a new local pattern designer and fabulous knitter, Ambah OBrien and her lovely  patterns. All Ambah’s patterns are now available as PDF’s in the shop and they will be available over the Show Weekend too.


I will leave you with these photos and  pattern suggestions to dream up projects and maybe fantasize about your quiet place.

I am off to load the truck, track boxes and generally trying to keep it all together till the weekend.

See you at NOBLE HALL, stall 21,  in Bendigo.



3 thoughts on “Breathless.

  1. I hope you are ordering the Meadow yarn in all 3 colours shown or are you just teasing us?!! I think I deserve the Cepa in meadow (when I too find that snippet of downtime!). I hope you have a wonderful and lucrative time at the wool show.

    1. Paula, I would not dare to tease you!!! All colours are in and if they are sold out after the show, I will certainly re-order. CEPA has my name on it too…we would do a KAL.

  2. I might have to put an order in pronto then. I’m not actually up to speed with knitting terminology so had to google KAL!!I think I would definitely need a head start! But firstly need to finish Imagine When by Joji Locciatelli – for a friend’s 40th (back in May!)

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