A Royal visit.

Firewood Shawl
Firewood Shawl

Well, it almost feels like royalty.

I have discovered  Pompom Quarterly through a lovely customer a while back and when I finally got my hands on this quirky mag, I knew I just had to have it in the shop. It felt like Pompom and ZigoZago were meant to go together. Gorgeous patterns and Artisan yarns are a perfect match!

Every issue us beautifully photographed and styled, each pattern unique and fresh. And the 5th issue is making me want to drop every single project (yes, there are a few), so that I can cast on for something new.

pompom Issue 5

My favourite has to be the Firefly Shawl but I also love the Camp & Trail Socks.

Camp and trail socks
Camp and trail socks
Firewood Shawl
Firewood Shawl

However, Mountain Moss Shawl combines my favourite colour with a simple construction and just a beautiful lace detail.

So you can imagine, I was sitting on my hands waiting patiently for my delivery but it now seems my precious parcel has been held up in transit. I imagine some postal operator between London and Melbourne has discovered Pompom and has forgotten to pass the parcel along.

But on the positive side, ZigoZago will be hosting a very special afternoon tea and show & tell with none other than the lovely Meghan Fernandes, one half of the two publishers of Pompom Quarterly. That is right, Meghan will be visiting us on Sunday, 23rd June at 2pm for tea and she is bringing with her more copies of the Issue 5 and all the lovely samples of this issues patterns for us to admire and try out.

Meghan is of course also an  accomplished knitter and has even got a MA in Knitting in 20th Century Literature, so I imagine this will be a lovely afternoon, with yummy treats, good company and interesting conversation…

So this is the time to plan a trip to the country and visit us for a cosy afternoon.

If you are interested in joining just, please RSVP for catering purposes to info@zigozago.com.au.

And I am certain, we will have all of our copies of the magazine in store before then too….

Looking forward meeting lots of you for Sunday tea..

Till then,



5 thoughts on “A Royal visit.

  1. I so wish I could join you but Scotland is just a bit far to come…..I love PomPom mag. My best wishes to you.
    Nessa Kennedy

    1. Oh Hello Nessa,
      how lovely it is to know that someone from Scotland reads my blog….and yes, might be a bit too far to come for a visit. But on the upside, Meghan is in London, so much closer to you than us normally….
      All the best to you, Alex

  2. ah pity i can not row a boat across the bass strait and make my way to you… alas work calls. i would love this mag though, can i subscribe through you? ENJOY the wonderful times – I think your knitting souls will so enjoy the conflab with zigozago and pompom. best wishes

  3. Oh Gosh! I just discovered this post, bum! I would have driven out for the afternoon for sure!
    I guess she wont be back any time soon, heh!

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