Cowl Love.

Like clockwork, I woke up to a crisp morning. Granted, it was a tad early for a Sunday, but it was fresh nonetheless and my heart made a leap of joy.

So, while that day still got hot enough for a swim in the pool, autumn is in the air and I am officially happy and excited at the prospect of cooler days and woolly accessories…..

While I spent the day at Pony Club, I still managed to knit a few rows of my little sample cowl (I say sample so that I am not tempted to squirrel it away. At least not right away…)

I have been perusing cowl patterns, as they are the perfect size to whip up. Whether you want to whip up a quick gift for a friend or want to use a luxurious little skein to wrap your neck in a warm hug, cowls are just great!

Cowls are also perfect for beginner knitters who want to step up a bit. Learn to knit in the round, play with some yarn overs, practice a decorative cable or moss stitch. With a bit of help, everyone can create a piece worth showing off. In fact, over the years I have been able to help quite a few tentative knitter overcome that knitting hurdle. Bridging the gap from a basic garter scarf to a pretty cowl….

With all this yarn coming in this autumn, there is a neck hug for everyone.

Last week a lonely box of Madelinetosh yarns managed to arrive at the shop, leaving its remaining 4 siblings stuck at customs. While I wait for the bureaucratic wheel to turn, I had to take my pick from one box only, which, admittedly, made my task so much easier…With a pattern earmarked months ago, all I had to pick was the right colour of Madelinetosh Merino DK. And that was easy enough, with Jade being my all time favourite colour way in any base….

Downtown Cowl

Downton Cowl
Downton Cowl

I knit this in the suggested Madtosh Merino DK. Whipped up over the weekend, it is easy to follow pattern and a satisfying result, with the fabric being lightly drapey. I knitted an extra repeat as I wanted it to be snug and warm around my neck. The size is just perfect for my liking….

Another quick and satisfying pattern in the Madtosh DK is the

Whipsaw Cowl

Choose from two sizes, the only hard decision to make would be which colour to choose….


I do like my yarn overs….another lovely cowl is


….which would look equally good in Dream in Colour Classy with Cashmere, Madtosh Vintage or Cascades Lana d’Oro….

or maybe you like

Orbis, knit in Malabrigo Worsted

A few more cowls that are knit in a plush DK/Worsted yarn are:

Darkside Cowl

Nonesuch Cowl

Ambrosia Cowl

Balsam (a bit more than just a cowl)

Paperlanterns and

Hudson Cowl

Once you start digging around Ravelry for pattern inspiration you will find yourself in a maze of links and blog posts to read. One pattern leads you to a particularly beautiful example, that will lead you to an interesting blog post, which will have further links to another awesome site and before you know it, 2 hours have passed and you still haven’t decided what to knit. And sticking with me won’t really help you either, because I can spend days mulling over all the lovely patterns and yarns. To make matters worse, I am now determined to try out some new yarns….(yes, there are some brands out there that I have yet to try)…like Manos del Uruguay Serena, a blend of Alpaca and Cotton, which sounds very alluring. And then there is Jade Sapphire’s Mongolian Cashmere…..which is tempting me so much, but I have yet resisted to part with $40+ for a skein…but oh, how delicious it must be to knit with such luxury….

I mean, just looking at the pattern ideas, I could cry….

Crochet cowl
Crochet cowl

Or a Cashmere Bandana Cowl?

Of course, if you love someone very, very much, you could splurge on a manly fisherman’s Cowl for the beloved…and then wear it yourself?

Fisherman’s Rib Cowl (which incidentally, was knit with the equally squishy Road to China Worsted….mmmh.

So, have I given you a taste for cowl knitting? Are you itching t whip one up for yourself?

You might have to just wait another couple of weeks, until Summer is finally making its exit….as we speak, we are enduring another 10 days of so of blistering heat and still no rain!!!!

Hang in there friend, it will get cool soon.

Be happy,


2 thoughts on “Cowl Love.

  1. Maybe we could swap weather, it’s still cold here in the UK with no sign of spring, I’m looking forward to warmer weather, even if it means less excusses to make lovely cowls 🙂

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