It has almost been over a month since my last post and what a busy time it has been…

Over the summer holidays I finally got the go-ahead and moved into the most amazing space in town. A wonderful opportunity has been given to me to open up ZigoZago the shop in our local business incubator where the focus is on giving new business the opportunity to set-up shop in a supportive environment with all the mentoring required.

The shop is spacious and light filled and has got such a happy vibe that when I started adding the shelves bursting with colourful wool, I really felt like this was going to become a beautiful space to create in.

So part of our holidays have been spent arranging and decorating the shop, ordering extra stock and placing everything just so…

It started with bare shelves…


And I opened the shop like this…

shop opening16
Artwork and comfy couch

It has been incredibly fun setting up the shop, partly because there was no pressure to be something other than a humble shop with a passion for colourful yarns and a dream to create a welcoming and cosy space  for all kinds of crafty cleverness….

Colourful shelves
Colourful shelves
shop opening15
Displays and reading cushions for the kids….

Opening day was a overwhelming success and it was such a buzz meeting so many new customers. What a thrill to put faces to online orders and to meet Ravelry friends who had travelled all the way from Melbourne, Ballarat, Bendigo and Gelong to visit the shop. I had not enough time to have proper chats with everyone but I hope that I’ll get a chance to connect over a cup of tea with some of the visitors in the coming months.

shop opening13
Talking yarns

Even some husbands braved the crowds (once champagne was being served) to discuss the virtues of the super soft merino…..

As the weather is still hot and summery, the true knitting season is yet to begin but judging my the orders that are flowing in now, a lot of knitters are getting ready and stocking up on some favourites to get a head start. We are still waiting on two big orders from Malabrigo and Madelinetosh, but some gorgeous yarns hit the shelves for the opening and I am very exited about sampling some of them.

Ravelry is as usual full of wonderul ideas and inspiration and there is something for everyone this winter.

Here are some of the wonderful new yarns in stock:

Silky Merino
Silky Merino

Some delicious Malabrigo Silky Merino arrived just in time for the opening and what a delight this little skein is. All drapey and soft and oh sol silky, this 8-ply yarn is just perfect for lots of little projects.

Dinner in the Eiffel Tower Shawl

Woodpigeon Mitts

Clothilde Shawl

Underwater Garden

Scalloped Shawl

Calm Cowl {crochet}

We also got a new shipment of Dream in Colour Yarns to inspire


Classy is a cushy and strong worsted weight yarn that would be perfect just as perfect for children’s garments and accessories and it is the colour intensity that makes this such a gorgeous yarn. To me this is an honest and unpretentious skein of the highest quality.

Toddler T-shirt vest

Enfolded Shawlette

Pagoda Hat

Classic Newsboy Hat {crochet}

Another stunning yarn from Dream in Colour, and one of my favourites at the moment is

Smooshy with Cashmere

Blue Lagoon
Blue Lagoon

Smooshy would make the softest socks

Hermione’s Everyday Socks

And elegant shawls

Ginko Shoulderette Shawl

And by letting the yarn shine…by ZigoZago Customer Ambah


Another new yarn in stock is Everlasting Sock and DK


A most durable yarn with stunning colour saturation.



Like Sleeves

While knitting has slowed down, I finally finished my boy’s Ripple Blanket. Happy Rainbow colours for the happiest kid, this one is just perfect.

Rainbow Ripples
Rainbow Ripples

I used 11 colours of Sierra, a squishy blend of 80% Cotton and 20% Wool. If I was a bit ambivalent about this yarn last year, I am totally sold now and it has become my favourite go to yarn for crochet projects. Cascades colour range is as usual amazing and this summer I have added some 23 colours to our range. Find my notes on my Blanket on Ravelry.

Also fresh off my needles is a favourite of mine, Blackcurrant Shawl by Veera Villamaki. This time, I combined Dream in Colour Smooshy and Everlasting Sock to create a wonderful all-over dappled effect and wonderful cushyness….This one will go to its new home as part of a project swap.


With our lives returning to some kind of normality, kids all at school and the big blanket project out of the way, I am itching to cast on a new knit project…and with 5 boxes of Madelinetosh Light and DK on the way as well as some new Silkalpaca, I am dreaming of shawls…..

Can you feel the end of summer is near? Are you gearing up to a busy autumn season?

Be well,



7 thoughts on “Regrouping.

  1. I have started on the ‘beam me up, Scotty machine’ to traverse the geographical distance… it looks just wonderful! Well done, so much hard work has gone into it! Your customers will appreciate every second of your work!

  2. Wow! Well done Alex that is wonderful news – I wish you all the success in the world. I look forward to one day coming up and seeing you, your family and your fantastic shop, it looks amazing too. All the best Kate xx

  3. Oh! I can’t wait to visit your store and touch all the beautiful yarns and try to control myself from buying them all! How lovely the store looks. I’ll be making plenty of trips to there when we are living up your way!

  4. The store looks great, like a cosy living room. I only wish i were nearer to come a spend a little (well, maybe a lot of) time browsing through all the lovely squishiness. I shall have to content myself with an online shopping experience. Good luck, Valerie (knittytwin2 (ravelry))

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