Lazy days….

Summer evening walk
Summer evening walk

January must by far be the laziest month of the year, don’t you think?

School Holidays have put an abrupt end to our daily routine and my kid-free days. Instead, we go to bed late, sleep in and potter around the house, often happily spending the day in PJ’s and Nighties. The kids are busy with games only they know how to play. They explore the bush, read books or transform big cardboard boxes into cubbies….

This sweet monotony is only interrupted by the occasional play-date, or the obligatory trips to the pool on those hot, hot days.

My holiday activity, aside from providing copious amounts of watermelon and mango to the ever hungry gang, has been crochet. I have started knitting the lovely Medano Beach Bag, but my newly discovered passion for the hook is constantly winning over when I pack a project for the pool.

I have discovered this lovely little Jar Cosy pattern and have used up a fuzzy little skein of the most delicious alpaca/silk blend to cover all the jars in the house….the Alpaca give these a soft and fluffy feel, but I you can do them in cotton or some left over Canopy….

Jar Cosy
Jar Cosy

Of course, I could not stop at one, as they are whipped up in a couple of hours. Aren’t they just pretty!

Jar Cosies
Jar Cosies

My girl also discovered the magic hook and has whipped up a couple of lovely grannies….before she went back to read her 20th horse book…

A first
A first

Of course, one thing leads to another, so I had to try out some more motifs…with the same Metalico Alpaca/Silk. A most delicious little pattern by Purlbee

Snowflower Ornament
Snowflower Ornament

They were super easy to whip up and will look lovely on my pin board.

And now, armed with a ball of Noro Kureyon, I am making one hexagon after another. Who know where this will lead me?


So all in all, despite the heat and fire threats that are too close to home, despite the constant food prep and tidying up, the daily rinsing out of bathers and hanging up of wet towels, the holidays are going great. Long lazy days of just doing what we feel like. And I feel these are the first holidays where the kids are old enough to happily entertain themselves for a period of time.The boys invent games, build intricate Lego vehicles, dig holes and make bike jumps. The big girl has discovered her love of books and is reading the whole day, with the occasional stint as a horse in the boys’ games.

I do love these lazy days.

But while our summer heat forces us to slow down and swap our woollen projects with cool cotton and fine yarns, our knitting friends in the northern hemisphere are coming up with gorgeous patterns to inspire. This gives us something to look forward to, projects to plan and yarns to stash away for when the cool weather comes.

Some patterns that are just lovely are:

Twigs and Willows

Crocus Shawlette

Entangled Vines

Oak Trail

Antler Cardigan

Just a few, to get you planning and thinking and dreaming.

And speaking of dreaming…..

The shop will be opening on Saturday 9th February. I will post more details on the grand opening on the website and of Facebook soon, so keep your eyes peeled.

Hope you are all keeping cool and safe.



3 thoughts on “Lazy days….

  1. Hei, what’s going on! Telepathy??? I have just bought a wee book on Granny Squares in Hobart – maybe I even remember the basics of crotchet… it’s been about 40 years. But I got so very inspired to embark on a little cushion project, I will give it a go – maybe try this jar cozy first?!?!?

  2. Oceans apart, and maybe not as hot here, but enjoying the summer in the same lazy way. It is so nice to take a break from the school schedule.

    I have only just found your blog/on-line shop, so I am going to have a look around since I am not close enough to drop by for a knitting night. Maybe one day, 🙂

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