New Beginnings.

cascade 220 silver spruce1

So here we are.

A brand new year already filled with expectations, hopes and resolutions.

I don’t know about you, but I feel 2012 has just passed in the blink of an eye.

My first knitting project on the 1.1.12 was Different Lines in Malabrigo Sock. And I haven’t stopped knitting since.

30 + projects were logged into Ravelry, with a few in between. I have learned a few new techniques, sold or gifted most of my knitting and taken up crochet again. Discovered a few new and delicious yarns, attended the Bendigo Wool Show, and met more local knitters.

I went overseas to give my kids their first taste of long haul travel and the imposing swiss mountains.

And it is those three cherubs that have kept me on my toes this year. More than anything, they delight, surprise and inspire me daily. They have kicked goals, reached milestones and made me laugh in spite of everything. My big girl has turned into a bookworm and  moved into her own bedroom. The middle child has survived his first year of school and is still a gentle and caring boy. And the baby is not such a baby anymore and dared to graduate from kinder surrounded by a string of giggling girls….

2012 I was supported by friends and family. As I have embarked on my biggest adventure, I have been encouraged, supported and cheered on. But not just by my loved one’s but also from people in our community. During my stint in a pop-up shop I have felt the enthusiasm of so many customers and local knitters that there was now way that I could not open up a yarn shop in town. And fate continues to be on my side as I start the new year in my dream premise.

So 2013 is indeed filled with hope and expectations. With challenges and rewards. And with a whole lot of passion.


The last week of the year has seen us move shelves and lots of boxes filled with yarn. I have spent hours already arranging furniture and yarns, moving things around and planning for the best layout. The room is big and the walls will be filled with colour and art. But is is more than a shop. It is becoming a space where you are welcome to stay and sit. Have a coffee and some cake and a chat. A space where mums can sit and enjoy a few rows of knitting while the little ones are busy reading a book or winding some balls of wool. A shop to inspire.

A refuge for wool junkies (not my definition).

I have spent the last day of the year playing in my room, dreaming about what this space is going to become in the new year.

Hopes and Dreams.

shop6 shop9 shop12 shop13

I have finished the year with the lovely Barnwood Hat. A quick knit in the deliciously soft Skein Himalaya.

Barnwood Hat
Barnwood Hat (unblocked yet)

My April Showers cowl is beautiful but making slow progress.

Next on the list is the Medano Bag in Ultra Pima, followed by some Shallows Mitts in Swans Island Fingering. There might also some slouchy beanies in there, just to get a head start for the winter season.

Another pattern I would like to knit as a shop sample is the lovely Bulle Tunic for girls….

The girl is demanding a cardi and I have got my eye on Brock for her.

I’ll keep the list short and hopefully I will be able to start ticking boxes already.

Are you planning your projects ahead?

Have you already started on a 2013 project?

What are your hopes for this year?

I hope you finished the year with a little bit of me time. I hope you have spent it in good company. I hope your heart was filled with gladness and happiness and gratitude.

If you are in the area, hop over to the shop website for all the info on location, classes and social knitting dates. Come along for a spot of knitting or to pat your favourite yarns. With the best coffee in town right next door (and the aroma of the coffee roastery wafting in) you will find yourself in good company.



9 thoughts on “New Beginnings.

  1. I would so like to visit your store – the concept of sitting, knitting and enjoying a coffee with some cake (which for me would mean very little knitting going on!) sounds utterly welcoming. How far from Canberra region is it I wonder?!!! Best of luck with the store – I have loved all the wool I’ve bought from your online store and have really grown to love to knit using such precious yarns. Your in-person customers are truly lucky to experience the welcoming atmosphere, the colours and textures, and your lovely company first hand. Now I’m off to google where your town is to see if a trip is at all doable!

    1. Hi Paula,
      Thanks so much for your comment! It’s all very exciting!
      We drove from here to Canberra comfortably in a day. So a trip to visit the shop (disguised as a sightseeing through country Vic) is totally doable..I am actually passing by in a few weeks on my way to NSW.
      Have a great 2013 and hopefully we’ll meet over coffee and cake. And knitting…

      1. Hubby wants to revisit his roots (Mildura/Wentworth area) later this year, so perhaps I can convince him to zigzag across the state! I would shyly suggest you drop in on your way through, but I think I’ll be relaxing in hospital (yes I do make a point of relaxing in hospital – if they let me stay for a week, I stay) with the new baby by then!
        Shall endeavour to make your shop a travel destination before too long!

  2. Oh wow – it looks great, just great. Good luck with it all. I am sure you are going to give it 150% and that will pay off with a rewarding enterprise, a wish will come true and that is not through magic, it is through your own hard work! I will teleport myself from Sydney every now and again… put the instructions on the website, maybe???

  3. Happy New Year!! Reuben and I definitey going to have to come see your lovely store this year. I actually don’t know how it’s possible that we haven’t made it there yet! It looks gorgeous.

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