Yet another shop update – Madelinetosh

Olive and Charcoal

Oh yes, they are coming thick and fast…..

While the shop opening is delayed until after the New Year, new stock is coming in regularly now to keep up with growing demand and a crafty local community that is excited to finally have a wool shop in town again.

Summer is a slow time of year for knitting as a lot of us spend more time outdoors being active. But there is nothing wrong with knitting or crochet by the pool, isn’t there?

After the arrival of Skein, the long-awaited delivery of Madelinetosh is finally here. Mind you, only half of our order, with Merino Light still being in production and equally anticipated. I ordered this lot way back in July and I am always surprised and exited when I open the box. And this order does not disappoint.

Vintage Sari

Vintage Sari is a new colour and the hues of pink and orange-red are so eclectic and vibrant. What a funky girls cardi that would make, or a cowl to brighten up an all black outfit?

Worn Denim

Worn Denim is another new colour and equally alluring. Along with these two colours we also topped up some favourites like Thunderstorm, Winter Wheat and Tart. Other colours are Well Water Charcoal,  Briar, Cherry and Mineral.

More Sock yarn has also arrived, with beautiful greys like Graphite and Charcoal to complement our existing colours.

Graphite and Byzantine

There are some firm favourites for this brilliant yarn. Colour Affection and Stripe Study and all the other stunning shawl pattern by Veera Valimaki. But there are lots more (13’658 to be precise on Ravelry)…





Frost Thread



tosh sock olive2



It is a distraction, with only a few days left of preparing for your christmas celebrations. But it is not too late to gift a skein or two to your crafty best friend…or to put something little in your own stocking….

Happy Summer days to you all,





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