Shop update

There has been a flurry of activity here lately. Of the good kind. The one that makes you happy and gets your creative juices flowing.

First there has been some secret Solstice/Christmas crafting. This year, we are leaving out the traditional tinsel, bearded Santa and  baubles. Instead, we will opt for finger knitted garlands wrapped around a dead branch from the bush. Lets say we are combining Summer Solstice with Christmas….

Tiny flowers

And since I am on a hooking rampage, I whipped up lots of tiny flowers to add progressively to the branch. The idea is that over time, this dead branch will be filled with blossoms, leaves and festive colours to symbolise life and all that is beautiful in our world.. To celebrate the generous aspect of nature and life. It will fit well with all the growing and flowering that is happening all around us at the moment, and the abundance of  gorgeous food during this season.

The tiny crochet flowers pattern is, as usual, courtesy of Attic 24, the blog with endless colour and crochet inspiration. The yarn is the lovely Biggans Designs, which I am sampling. Next, we’ll do some leaves, hearts and super tiny starts….

I attempted to crochet this scarf about 6 months ago, but gave up in frustration. Well, this time I am unstoppable and I am loving it!

claudia scarf1
Claudia Scarf

claudia scarf2

This is going to be my daughters Class 3 Teacher. Anne is the most sophisticated and elegant 60something teacher. And her favourite colour is red, so this yarn is just perfect for her. It’s the soft Heritage Sock from Cascade. 

The crochet pattern is super easy and I am thoroughly enjoying the process.

In preparation for the opening of the Shop, I have also received a couple of most delicious deliveries.

pima group1
Ultra Pima

A lot of fresh new colours of Cascade’s Ultra Pima will be brightening the shelves soon and the possibilities with the gorgeous cotton are endless. The colours are so vibrant and the feel of the cotton is silky smooth. This, in my mind, is the most perfect cotton for stylish top.


Other lovely tops that would look great in Ultra Pima:


Jenny’s T-shirt


Eliada and my favourite of all


And there are lovely cardigans, like the popular Miette or Summer Waves that would be lovely too…

But I have my eyes on a knitted beach bag and the colour combinations are just endless.


pima deep coral1 pima deep sea foam1 pima gold1 pima jade1 pima poppy red1 pima sprout1 pima turquoise1 pima water lily1

While still exited about all these funky colours, I got a another delicious delivery. This time, it is all muted, classy and elegant.

From SKEIN we received some stunning Merino Silk Lace, Top Draw Sock and Himalaya.

Merino Silk Lace - Pastel Sky
Merino Silk Lace – Pastel Sky

Silk Lace is luscious and soft with a beautiful subtle sheen. This is perfect for light wraps and shawls that let the colour variations in the yarn shine.

Tiong Bahru

Shattered Sun Shawl

Vermont Shawl

But you are not limited to intricate lace work. Lightweight cowls add delicate warmth and beauty.

April Shower Cowl

Superior Cowl

Barley Sugar

Or some fine fingerless mittens….


White Rabbit

Sweet Tea

sweet tea

Top Draw Sock is a versatile 4-ply yarn and the elegant greys and blues lend itself to a multitude of patterns. From socks to hats, shawl and of course heirloom baby garments. Here are some of my favourites.



Nanaimo Socks

Rosa Rubiginosa Socks




And finally, the popular and so versatile Himalaya. Beautifully plied, it is the addition of Cashmere that makes this little skein so irresistible. I knitted Rikke it, but there are so many more patterns to let this yarn sing.


Puerperium Cardigan

 Oaked hat



Hooray Cardigan

So you can guess where you will find me during the holiday season. Sampling and test knitting some lovely things….

The shop is going to be closed for a wee break from the 18th-25th December. We are heading to the beach for some R&R and Family time.

I hope you are enjoying the last weeks of school and the busy preparations to the festive season.





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