New Loves.

Gosh, the weather is heating up.

The landscape is starting to look a bit dry and brittle already and I find myself hiding in the cool belly of your mud brick house to escape the hot midday sun. I must admit, it is not my favourite part of the year. We are lucky though, in that we have several gorgeous water holes in the area, so we do take the kids for a dip on the weekends. I prefer to resurface in the balmy evenings.

Last week I have gathered all my cottons to have a bit of a colour play and plan a few summery projects. I set myself the challenge to learn some techniques and since then, I haven’t been able to stop. I had a play with some Sierra (Cotton/Wool) to practice the neat ripple pattern. After a couple of false starts, I got going and now I have a little cushion cover sampler. Need to work out now what to use as backing…..

Neat Ripple

But I was very pleased with myself, so I grabbed the next ball of spare yarn, which happened to be the lovely Abuelita Lace and went in search for a new crochet project. Crown Surround looked like an impossible pattern for my skill level, but I had nothing better to do and I do enjoy a bit of a challenge. I persevered and out came the most delicious little doily.

Crowns Surround

Next I took out 2 spare balls of BC Garn Semilla Cotton. I spied some lovely granny place mats on Purlbee that looked relatively easy. Indeed, rather addictive. I love them very much and now I am waiting for some more Ultra Pima cotton to make some more.

Granny place mats

And finally I am back to basics with some natural Abuelita Organic cotton face washers with a twist. I love them and they are just the best in between/hot weather project. And a great present.

Simple face cloths

Are you switching to cotton for summer? Keen to try something new?

Sweet Trims for your handkerchiefs

Lace Bracelet

Lace Vases

Lace Doily

Funky Lace Doily

some crochet love for your christmas tree….

….and there are pattern for garters and lace g-strings too….if you are looking….

If you are committed, then the crochet blanket inspiration is endless on Ravelry. Being a crochet novice, I am drooling over so many patterns, from Granny to Ripple, Hexagons and Circles. But most importantly, it is the eclectic colours that make all these projects so appealing. I know I would just get stuck with choosing 5 colours….

Granny Pillow
Winkin Blinkin and Nod

If you are like me and struggle to choose more than 2 colours, or if you are new to cotton or crochet, a simple washcloth is the best place to start I reckon….

Scrubbie Dots

using Scraps and Ripples together

more ripples

You see how you can go crazy with colours and pattern? What I love about all these project is how portable and fun they are. Being small, you can use scraps or you can just buy a selection of colours and have fun playing around with them.

That’s what I call summer love.

How are you spending these hot days?


6 thoughts on “New Loves.

  1. What a great (jam-packed) post, Alex! I must confess I’m commenting before I have finished reading it. There’s lots to come back to!

    I will be switching to cotton this week. I’ll be knitting an ‘Acacia’ for a friend’s daughter, and I had plans to make some Granny Placemats if I have time, too.

  2. So much to love- what a great summer post.
    I think some placemats might be in order- they look so lovely. I’m thinking blue and white for a nautical look.
    Thanks for the post!

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