My Creative Space – Discombobulated.

My creative space is in a bit of a mess at the moment.

And if your space is a reflection of your state of mind, well, I guess you can imagine what is going on in there….

It is a jumble of discombobulated (yes, thats a word. Look it up….) thoughts, ideas and dreams. I am having a hard time finding my mojo lately….in fact, everything is dragging its feet. If I could just sit still on the couch for half a day, I would. Just so that I could follow one single thought through to the end, draw up that plan in my head, put some words together, or simply finish that daydream I have been carrying around with me for days.

There is a lot going on at the moment. The building of our house has finally! started. Albeit very slowly. The concreter has started boxing in the extension but then decided to take a couple of weeks off. As you do, half way through a project. In my head in the meantime I am planning out the kitchen, choosing tiles for the bathroom and decorating the bedrooms. Or you could call that daydreaming too….

ZigoZago ‘Le Shop’ is becoming a reality. I am moving out of my studio and into an amazing space at our local Incubator. Much bigger that initially planned, it is now more of a retail space than studio. More shelving has to be build. A whole layout has to be planned and imagined. So much of my planning happens in my head. I usually have to dream things up, move furniture around in my head, hang up pictures here and there, and arrange tables….trying to get a feel for the space. Decorate, make my mark, give it that certain feeling….

Then there is the mundane. The suitcase from our trip are still taking up space. One load of washing after the other is piling up. In fact, the whole house is in urgent need of a good once over. And don’t get me started on the windows.

And I have fallen off the detox wagon. Big time. Back on the coffee….and that swiss chocolate that is now in the pantry…..

So, what is holding me back?  Where is my usual energy to get stuff done, tick boxes and kick ass? I am still looking….

Soooo, in response to today’s creative task, I’ll give the good old fashioned pen-and-paper-list thing a go…maybe that will help me get things into perspective and prioritised.



How do you get out of a slump? How do you get/stay creative?

Do you do lists or do you go with the flow?

Are you super organised?

How do you get it all done? Or do you procrastinate?

When do you get moments of creativity in your day? Do you stay up late to find some peace and quiet?

Wishing you a fab weekend!

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7 thoughts on “My Creative Space – Discombobulated.

  1. I know this feeling! The past few months have been this way for me too- I hope everything gets sorted soon because it is a really frustrating feeling. I’m a mess but doing Habithacker and taking it one day at a time.:)

  2. When I get stuck I clean – my mind needs freedom to create – and make a mess. Its a circle. Today I wanted to paint new my studio walls but I will only come back to a messy house so instead I will clean the house and paint tomorrow. Getting on top of mundane things – like washing, bookwork etc empowers me to try new and more creative things. I have also learnt that there is a right time for various tasks and to choose to match my energy and mind to the correct one – it might sound funny but I do things that require attention to detail when the moon is in Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn, fun and loving things when the moon is in Leo, Aries or Gemini, keep to myself in Pisces, Cancer, Libra and Aquarius and totally give up and hide in Scorpio, Sagittarius. Works for me. I am also these days a bit of a night owl – because I can be but I don’t really recommend it. Better I think and healthier to try to get into a natural rhythm. Thanks for the post and good luck Gayle

    1. Thanks for your comment Gayle. And as hard as it is to get out of my hidy-hole (being a scorpio?), I do like your approach and I can attest to it working.
      Ok, I cleaned the house today. Tomorrow its in the studio….

  3. oh you are funny, you only got off the plane (suitcase still lying around to make everyone trip over…), house extension going ahead, kids just fiddling their way back into school routine, studio is moving… WHY on earth are you feeling disbombled???? Bomulated? Wasted? NO idea… it’s a mystery… have you considered going to a de- discombobulation expert? I certainly would NOT cut the coffee out, if I were you.:)

    1. oh, now who is the funny one? But you know what, I had not occurred to me….cheeeezz, the way you put it, I would have given the confused me some really good advice…cut myself some slack for once. But there you go….I am having another coffee and play around with some wool instead….

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