Spring into Action.

This is such a corny catch phrase, but I just could not help it….

Everything around me is buzzing, chirping and humming and this makes me feel all chirpy myself. Which is good, after I felt kinda flat last week.

Since our return, the weather, both in Switzerland and here in Australia, has taken a sharp turn. We left Europe enjoying mild autumn temperatures with only just a sprinkling of snow on the high peaks. Two weeks later, in a bit of a surprise overnight dash, the town is covered with the first layer of snow. The kids are disappointed they missed the snow. Me?

I am more enjoying the burst of colour and warmth around me. Aside from the buzzing flies and persistent mozzies, I am surrounded by the most glorious display of colour. Bold fuchsias, pink and rose on one side.

On the other side of the drive, we have oranges and yellows from the hardy Gazanias. In fact, these gorgeous flowers put on a bit of a display all over town, in gardens and along dusty roads. The colour ranges are amazing and come November I find myself driving around looking in all directions and enjoying this spring fire work.

Does your home explode in colour come Spring? Do you feel inspired by the colours around you?

While I am not particularly adventurous when it comes to wearing bold colours, I am just in love with these tones. So much, that I can imagine combining spring greens with a bold pink maybe?

And speaking of spring green, this morning I was inspired by nature and picked out all my lovely greens. Are they not just so juicy and inviting?

Spring Greens

We have Cascade, Swans Island, Fibre Company and  Malabrigo, all mixing up fresh colours for us. Add to that some neutrals, and it makes for a lovely colour palette for your seasons knitting, don’t you think?

Cotton is your obvious choice at the moment and a little Spring Garden Tee would be just lovely in the cool Ultra Pima Cotton. Or make yourself one. There are several beautiful cotton tops, with delicate necklines and interesting sleeves. Gemini by Jane Richmond and  Buttercup by Heidi Kirrmaier are two tops I really love.

Spring Garden Tee

I find little girls cotton tops rather sweet, and two that I am contemplating for my girl are Kokomo and the delicious Melon  Halter top.

I can’t count how many little Eden’s Adam I have made over the years. They are so practical for little summer babies and can be easily customised for growing bodies. In fact, all of Georgie Hallam’s patterns are awesome as she does quite a few dresses in cotton too.

Cotton blankets are always very practical and I swear, one day I will tackle one. A pattern that has caught my eye is the Neat Ripple by Attic 24. Just the colour possibilities are tempting enough. If Crochet is not your thing though, a knitted Chevron style blanket is a perfect substitute.

Neat Ripple

A cotton cowl is not something you really think about, but this one called Summer Wind is really lovely. When you wear a cowl or scarf all winter, its hard to go ‘nude’ all of a sudden….but if wrapping it all around is getting a bit too hot, a little Cassis shawlette would be alright too…and this one would look perfect in a calm Vintage Lilac.


I love the simplicity of Kirsten Johnstone’s Patterns. This one is just divine….


We are going on our first Camping trip for the season and I am very exited to visit Buchan Caves for the first time. Looking forward to kick back in the chair with my knitting, a glass of white and in good company. After casting on for a Marin and getting mighty frustrated by the row by row instructions (watching a movie with this one is out of the question), I ripped it all out and cast on for the lovely Blackcurrant Shawl. I am using Smooshy with Cashmere for it in Black Parade. I was clearly in “one of those weeks” when I chose the colour. Nevertheless, this one is the most amazing dark grey with hues of brown and blue. Quite intriguing…But now I am itching to cast off and proceed to a real spring knit, arrange all those pretty colours around me and pick something airy.

To celebrate Spring and the upcoming long weekend, I am taking off 10% from all your orders that come in before we head off on Saturday. So gather your patterns and needles and have a look at the lovely colours on offer and be inspired.

Simply type in  Spring  in the promo code at check out to receive your discount!


Have a wonderful week,


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