1. to roam about in search of pleasure or amusement.

It has been a while since my last catch up and lordy has it been busy…

Busy in a good way. Busy, as in travelling to Europe, climbing half way up the Eiffel Tower, hiking around breathtaking mountain lakes in Switzerland and generally having a great time with family and friends.

I had great plans to update the blog regularly while on our adventure, but between patchy reception and lack of actual sit down time, I soon gave up on the idea. So, instead I will tell you all about it in instalments, amongst yarny updates.

I did take my knitting with me, planning to whip up the Sweet Peasy cardi for miss E in one of my favourite spring yarns, Savannah in the most amazing colourway. But while I did cast on and knit a few rounds, that was the only time I picked up any knitting for the entire trip.

This holiday was all about showing the kids my home, meet friends and do amazing excursions. Switzerland is great that way. The mountains and lakes are so accessible. Just a short walk from my mothers place, we started one of the most memorable day trips. Up a mountain called Pilatus, 2000 metres above sea level, where I spend my entire childhood learning to ski in Winter and walking its entirety up and down in Summer.

Everywhere on our mountains trips we found the most amazing adventure playgrounds, complete with woodcarving and water works…

We went on many hikes that I remembered from my childhood and the memories came flooding back. And more than ever, I was struck by the pristine beauty of this small country. If there is one thing I miss most about my old home, it is the majestic, snow-capped Alps.

Taking the kids on this trip has also been an amazing bonding experience. I think they understood that this was not just any old holiday, but it was connected to their heritage. I did push them a bit beyond their comfort zone by asking them to carry their own backpacks and walk for longer than what they are used to. They heard me speak different languages and I am sure they might have been a bit confused at times. But they learned new words and my girl can now count up to 50 in Swiss German, which, considering the different rasping sounds, she is managing almost without an accent….

Lucerne, where I am from, is a pretty, mediaeval city. The old town is lined in cobble stones and the buildings are decorated with amazing murals.

It is full of historical markers, this little town dates back to around 1178 and you can feel the history in every corner. Along with yummy chocolate,  plenty souvenirs and a great selection of shoe shops. We did do a fair bit of shopping…..

After we spent a few days with my Mum in Lucerne, we headed off to Paris. Oh, Paris! What an amazing city!! About 4h by train from Lucerne, I was most exited to show the kids the sights they had already heard of in real life.

I will share with you some photos from our week there, but I feel I have to drag your attention to matters closer to home…..

Yes, while I was away, shipments of new yarns started arriving at my doorstep. Which made the coming home so much sweeter.

From Dream in Colour, I have now 4 wonderful new yarn bases in stock, that just about cover every of my knitting fantasies. After falling in love with Pashmina, I was adamant that there would be more yarn blends with Cashmere in the shop. I love the way Merino and Cashmere work together, creating a luxurious and durable fibre for everyday wear. Soft for children, a bit luxury to wrap yourself in and deep colours to marvel over. Both Classy and Smooshy have a very generous 20% Cashmere in them. Calm is just a gorgeous, plum yarn for your cushy and cosy knits. Everlasting is a multi-ply base with amazing colour ranges and perfect for hard-wearing garments. And finally Wisp, a most ethereal and delicate lace weight yarn in colours that make me think of gossamer wings….

CALM light worsted/10ply


CLASSY Worsted/8ply

Deep Sea Flower
Green Lantern



SMOOSHY fingering/5ply

Global Mix
Electric Mauve

WISP lace



So, the coming home has been made so much easier by the new arrival, as I am now madly going through all my Ravelry favourites and cued patterns. I have been wanting to knit Abyssal for a while, and I think it would be a lovely pattern to sample Classy in the colour In Vino Veritas or Smooshy in Gothic Rose.

All the Shawls by Martina Behm are lovely and another Hitchhiker or Lintilla wold not go amiss in one of the lovely colours.

Maluka and Oaklet are two lovely Shawls with delicate edging and Smooshy it the one to choose for  them. Green Lantern is one of my favourite colours here.

And while I know that hats are not high on the list of must-knits,  you can also whip one up in between bigger projects…Just discovered Mont-royal, and I am liking this delicate little beanie…Otaki by Kirsten Johnstone is on my list of beanies for next year, as is her new design, Hagi. Groovy hats make me wish for winter again…but lets not get ahead of ourselves….

If it is all getting a bit hot for you, then a marriage between a wispy lace yarn and the most delicate kerchief is the thing for you. Hakusa and Kozue are just so delicate and would look perfect on a warm spring day with a favourite dress.

Next week I will put together a little photo tour of Paris. Along with some knitting ideas I can come up with…

I hope you are all ready for Spring! I, for one, am back on my spring detox, after all that chocolate and delicious pastries I devoured. And my house could do with a spring clean too…..

Be well,










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