Seasons Change.

Well, the weather is very unpredictable at the moment.

One moment it is glorious sunshine, buds bursting and kids in t-shirts. I am cheerfully planning my summer knitting projects and even eagerly cast on for a beachy cotton scarf. I am using the well known Baktus pattern with the gorgeously subtle Noro Tayio Sock. Unlike all the other Noro colours, this one is soft and dreamy with just a splash of turquoise.

Baktus in Tayio Sock

And with the new Ultra Pima colours just in, I am thinking a stripy Baktus would be just perfect….maybe Buff and Indigo? Or this juicy Sprout?


Last year I didn’t end up knitting a cotton dress for my girl. And now she has grown 3 inches… But I will make her a little dress nevertheless. I am thinking a Darwinia would be very cute.

With the warming temperatures, I have begun thinking cotton tops, skirts and floaty wraps. Jane Richmond’s Gemini top is just gorgeous and would look stunning in Ultra Pima.


And Rosemont is another lovely cotton top you should have a look at…

And Cinnie is adorable and just perfect on a hot day.


But then, who am I kidding?

The heater is back on and I pulled my cardi back out. I am thinking a pair of woollen socks would be more appropriate than a lacy cardi…

In fact, we got some great sock yarn in for all those knitter who like to knit sock s in summer. 75% Superwash Merino and 25% Nylon, and you have yourself some really sturdy and good looking socks….

Heritage Sock 

So here we are, with plenty to choose from. Weather and Yarn. So what is it going to be? Are we getting ready for warm weather projects or can squeeze in one more wooly creation?

If you haven’t tried knitting with Cotton yet, you must give Ultra Pima a try. One of the nicest cottons is is a real pleasure to work with.

Either way, keep your warm clothes handy, this icy wind  is not finished with us just yet.




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