It has been a busy few weeks.

Final weeks of school spell school plays, excursions and dance performances. And first days of spring spell play-dates and spontaneous dinners out. There is an exited and an exultant mood in the air. Along with swooping birds.

No wonder. The weather has been glorious and everything seems be a bit lighter, happier and relaxed. Good times.

We are getting ready to head on our big trip. Suitcases borrowed, good clothes squirreled away. Frozen dinners to prepare for the man who is staying home to build our house. He is a good one. So good in fact, that he will take care of the shipping of the many spring orders that are flying in.

Indeed, if I thought things were slowing down in the knitting department, I was mistaken. You guys seem to be as eager as ever to continue whip up beautiful things even in spring. I get that. I haven’t lost a beat, just switching from worsted weight projects to some lighter one’s.

And with some lovely wool coming in, there is no rest to be had. Who can resist the sublimely lovely Swans Island wool, with its stunning natural colours?

Swans Island Yarns are 100% certified Organic Merino and they are dyed with all natural dyes. The gentle treatment this yarn is getting makes it even softer and the colours are quite unique. My favourite is the true Indigo and the Spring Green.

Fingering – Spring Green

But I chose the Garnet in Fingering to whip up some Ribbed Hand Warmers…. They are quite delicious and the rib holds them nicely in shape even after several try ons. They are a gift to my dear friend in Switzerland. As they enter the cooler months, they will come in ‘handy’ (oh, the pun)..Another beautiful pattern for handwarmers is the striped version, also on Purlbee. Love that Spring Green….For a chunkier version, you could try the Olive Armwarmers…quite delicious.

Before we take off, I am keen to try the ribbed Hat for Men in Swans Island Worsted. I am dying to try the Indigo.

Playing with the different colours is half the fun and I have been spending some time imagining all sorts of lovely projects. And spring is a great time to start a few quick, portable projects. And maybe whip up some belated Birthday or Thank You presents. Or finally do those socks we were dreaming about all winter. And a nice lightweight shawl is never out of place.

I love RicRac for both its simplicity and lace detail.  And Travelling Woman is quite stunning too and would look great in Spring Green or Vintage Lilac….

Vintage Lilac

Now that I have finished (most) of my projects, I can cast on for little pleasure knits without feeling too guilty. That’s right, for those of you who remember, I have been labouring on my Skinner Hat for quite some time now. But it is done (yet unblocked) and I am mighty pleased with it. Canopy Fingering in Macaw was just perfect for it. I might have cursed throughout the process, but today I was even considering knitting another one….but I won’t…

For more pics, its ravelled here.

Skinner Hat

But that is not all with the new yarn goodness. Coming next week is the beautiful Dream in Colour yarns. Some Smooshy and Classy, some Calm and Wisp and a bit of Everlasting….all beautiful colours to inspire and dream. I mean, how much of our love of knitting revolves around a skein of beautifully dyed, deliciously soft and nicely plied yarn? Add some silk or even cashmere, and my heart starts racing at the possibilities.

But it gets even better! I am expecting lots of fresh colours in Ultra Pima and some Heritage Sock yarn for the committed sock knitters amongst us.

We have also received a little shipment of NORO. Beautiful balls of Sekku and Taiyo Sock are brightening up the shelves and my days. I have had my first play on a knitting machine and used one of the multi-coloured balls of Sekku. And the end result is a skinny and very, very long summer scarf. Which has now been hijacked by my dearest girl, who likes to steal my thinks. Like a magpie, she goes for the brightest cowls and scarfs….

Well, so here I am, with two new brands of yarn and some top ups of existing lines, and I find myself with more wool than space. So, after my stint as a shop, I have now taken the plunge and will be renting a room in our local ‘incubator’ (our old hospital) to set up a shop/workshop space.

So, after a good lick of paint and some TLC, I’ll shift my space from home to an old hospital room and hopefully get even more people exited about my gorgeous yarns.  I am dreaming up classes like ‘Knitting Clinic’ (very appropriate), Zen Knitting, Continental Knitting and more project based workshops. I am very exited!

With another change in weather predicted for our parts, I will try to squeeze in some more knitting here and there. Then I need to decide what project to take with my (oh, decisions!!) and keep working my way down my to-do-list.

What have you been knitting?

All finished with your winter projects?

Whats in store for Spring?

Enjoy your week,




One thought on “Updates

  1. Fantastic post
    Am planning summer brights even like a pink with accent stripes of lime and yellow at cuffs etc
    Love the DIColour I guess u will post on FB when it arrives

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