Springy, take two.

Two weeks ago we were all set for Spring. The air was sweet and the evenings almost balmy. But, again, we got tricked by mother nature. This is the time of year when it is hardest keeping the little bodies rugged up despite the illusion of warmth. It is the time we might catch one last cold.

It is also the time when you leave the house in glorious sunshine and return drenched or wind-swept. It is a funny in between season, when winter tries to furiously hold on before being finally chased off by cheerful spring.

And this is how some of us knitters might feel around this time. There is a flurry of activity to finish off all those unfinished projects, the last beanie or cowl.Maybe another shawl? That winter jumper that yet again, hasn’t been completed (ahem, hint to my Rubble), is getting another feeble push to the end.  My fingers and mind are itching to check out some springy projects, hatch some new ideas and plan for lighter and airier accessories…

At present, I have half a sock to finish (yes, I should have knitted them at the same time…). A few last rows on my nieces Like Sleeves for Babies, Skinner Hat is making slow progress too…and I have started my Caramel at last, without any hope that it will be finished anytime soon….But its proving to be a perfect mindless knit.

Sooooo, what to knit for Spring?

With so much new yarn coming my way, there is plenty of reason to sample some gorgeous Swans Island.

It is a bit late in the season, but I really want to knit up some super light and delicate fingerless mittens. Something like this…

Striped Hand warmers in Swans Island Fingering

The Colour block hand warmers are even easier and will work beautifully with any of the luscious fingering weight yarns in stock. I imagine Canopy Fingering or even Road to China light. And in the absence of Madtosh light, these are worthy substitutes.

Tightly ribbed Arm warmers would also be really useful.

I am tempted to order some more Noro in and these Entrelac Arm warmers are just great and colourful.

And anything with a bit of cheery colour would just be perfect for Spring, while keeping our hands cosy.

After wearing cowls and shawls all through winter, I am very reluctant to expose my neck. So, something light and whispy is needed to bridge the gap between hot and cold.

Sekku (by Noro) has caught my eye. Being 50% Cotton, 17% Nylon, 17% Wool and 16% Silk I think it would be just lovely for a springy scarf.

Windward is a new pattern by Heidi Kirrmeier. And Sekku works just beautifully here.


Combined with a neutral yarn, Sekku can really shine without being too overpowering. Wraptor is such a lovely shawl.

Sekku is another scarf you might like…as it this airy drop stitch scarf...

Hitchhiker and Baktus are to favourites of mine that would as lovely in a colourful yarn as it is in a plain, soft merino…Oh, I see lots of colour coming my way this spring….

Last week the much-anticipated Madelinetosh Pashmina finally arrived. 9 months we waited for this shipment and had I know it would take this long, I would have ordered many more colours…This must be easily the most delicious yarn to knit with. Perfectly plied, with a delicate shine and a most sensuous softness. So many projects can be knitted up with this yarn. I love it for drapey shawls and scarfs. But it would work for a wispy summer cardi or even a baby’s cardi like little Oak. Since it arrived, the skeins have been flying out of the shop. I look forward seeing what everyone is knitting up with this coveted yarn…

I have knitted the above mentioned Hitchhiker with it and yesterday I sent home a friend with two skeins of Malabrigo Sock in the colour Azules to make a Baktus. In fact, many of the Malabrigo Sock colours are just perfect for a simple, floaty scarf.


Sedna, with the lovely crochet lace around it, would be just lovely in Pashmina…

Dancette is another shawl that would look great in Spring…


Oh, Ravelry with its never-ending inspiration!!

Sundry is mine, I believe..


And so, with all these cheery images in mind, I look outside to the still grey sky. Slowly nature is waking up, sending lots of yellow wattle to shake us up and in the mood for spring flirtations.

I will proceed to choose some colours, then do some chores, make a menu plan and then cast on.

Are you in Spring mode yet or still wrapped in winter cosyness?


One thought on “Springy, take two.

  1. as usual you present us with lots of eye candy and temptations! i so can not wait for the swans island yarn to arrive! love those stripey mitts and the colour block ones ! A friend of mine finished dancette recently and it is gorgeous and definately a spring type shawl, will you be casting it on soon? lol

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