Playing Shop.

It has been a bit quiet in this space. But with good reason.

I have been playing shop for the past week.

A friend of mine, who runs the cutest little kids craft shop in town went  on a much deserved holiday. And left me with half of her shop to spread my own woolly wings and set up shop. And in such a cute space and perfect locale, I did a hop and jump and took the opportunity. I am just a small fish with a big passion and having a bricks and mortar shop is one of my secret dreams. I just love to inspire the reluctant or occasional knitter to pick up some needles and gorgeous wool to make something special. And to introduce a seasoned knitter to some amazing hand dyed wool is pretty awesome.

It it is also great to see what local knitters crave and want in a yarn shop. The older generation still prefers to buy pattern books and leaflets as opposed to downloading them online. The request came for straight needles for those who are unfamiliar with circulars. Lots were very keen for knitting classes and I was able to introduce new knitters to the wonderfully easy and popular Ravelry patterns, like Different Lines or Hitchhiker, perfect patterns for a beginner.

And best of all, I have met kindred spirits, equally passionate about beautiful yarn, sporting their knitted Cardigans and keen to knit more. I helped a lovely lady, wearing a cute red Peasy Cardigan choose wool to make a Water’s Edge Cardigan.

One stunning skein of Noro Iro has turned into a beautiful Entrelac scarf. Just a perfect pattern/yarn combo I think. In fact, Noro has been flying off the shelve this week. Seeing the vibrant colours up close is very tempting.

Last week, a lovely customer took home one skein of Malabrigo in Arroyo to make The Age of Brass and Steam Shawl. I got inspired and make my own in a stunning sample skein of Tanis Fibre Arts. Their Merino/Cashmere/Silk blend is just divine and I while I am trying to get some in for the shop, I haven’t had much luck getting an email response just yet. But I am persistent….

I also finished Citron and it did look great around my friends shoulders….

Quite a few customers where impressed by the luscious Road to China and a couple of little skeins are being knitted up into the lovely Cuppa Tea Cowl. This is a very entertaining pattern and just a perfect fit.

In all this flurry, I didn’t get a chance to browse Ravelry much, but a few patterns are standing out this week. Olive Basket seems just a lovely cardi for spring, and knit up in a Canopy in Conifer or Road to China in Citrine, this would be a stunning piece to cherish.

Balmy would look great in the new range of Pashmina (oh, I have been tracking its slow trip across the ocean and it should be here any day now…).

I have been practicing my sock knitting  and this little addition would be just great on a basic sock….a gusset cable, now this is cute!

This Aranami Shawl keeps calling me and I can almost see myself starting this one soon. However, I am now one step closer to finally casting on for my Caramel. Better late in the season than never, it might just be a short-sleeved version.

And finally a pattern that I am most exited about, Boxy. With 21 new colours ordered in Madelinetosh Merino light, this one is a must this year. Later in the year…..

Are you winding down your knitting? Is your knitting seasonal? Or do you knit all year round?

What is your spring knitting project?

I will get an early night so that I can be fresh as a daisy tomorrow.

I hope you are having a productive week!


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