The other day, while out for a walk with the dog and the boy, I felt spring was in the air. The air was sweet and the light had a warm glow. It was a beautiful late afternoon and  I had mixed feelings about the end of winter.

The end of winter means more outdoor time. Which is a good thing, except that does equate to less knitting time but on the other hand  it does mean more time for sewing. It means bare legs and a few new dresses, picnics and camping and BBQ in the park. So I got my mind into gear and started to look forward to the change of rhythm.

That was 3 days ago. Since then, we are right back into the throes of winter. Blistering cold winds and intermitted rain. Muddy boots and pants and lots of time sitting by the heater. And I am back knitting beanies. And other things…

But we did get a glimpse of the season’s end and I am looking forward to some light weight knitting and experimenting with more summer time knitting. For one, I plan on knitting some socks this year (as I plan every year and never do). And maybe a scarf in cotton. A few cotton singlets for the kids, maybe. A light cardi for me and my girl….

But in the meantime, its cold and I have a very much-anticipated shipment of glorious Pashmina coming. It was meant to be here in May, but I won’t complain because this is one of my favourite yarns. I had a lonely skein of Winter Wheat  in the stash that I have just knitted up in a Hitchhiker. It is beautifully soft and light and I would love to keep this one for myself….but it is going to be a present for a dear friend.

I know I say it every time but I really want to knit myself a cardi this year. With warmer temperatures, it is the perfect time to start planning…

Old town is a cardi I like the look and construction of.

Boxy looks easy to wear and just my kind of jumper…

Cria is lovely..

Hay Cardigan is an old favourite.

I love Caramel, especially in a funky short-sleeved version.

And I like the construction of the Grenadier


Are you planning to knit a cardi for yourself? What are your favourite patterns?

But even if I have been knitting several shawls and scarfs this winter, I never tire of them and I just enjoy knitting them. It is just such a good way of knitting with luxurious yarns, playing with colours and also a great present to give. One can never have enough scarfs I reckon. So that’s why I am always on the lookout for great shawls.

Romance is another lovely, feminine and drapey shawlette.

Love the geometry of Wraptor, very modern and funky. And speaking of geometric, ShaShaShawl looks intriguing..

Fields of Malachite

Just adore this beautiful green. And the lace work on this shawl.

I am going to Paris in September, so this Shawl would be a great train project…..


But for now, I have to knuckle down and get ready for my first pop up-shop next week. I will be filling a lovely shop front with all my yarny goodness and  during that time, I’ll be showing some keen customers how to knit socks and for that I need a  little sample pair, don’t I?

For  pair of these absolutely gorgeous socks I would put every other project down..

But I think that would overwhelm a sock novice…lace, stripes, stranded heel… I think I will have to just stick to a good basic sock pattern ….

So, this weekend will include a 3-yo birthday party, packing my boxes yet again and knitting a sample sock (or two).

What are you up to?




4 thoughts on “Springy

  1. Another lovely run-down, Alex. Thank you! I’m currently working on my Inaugural Sweater (by Mary Annarella), using the Abuelita worsted I bought from you a while back. It’s a beautiful bright tangerine colour. So soft. But, yes, taking a while!

  2. After years of commission knitting jumpers for a shop i will never knit another one i dont think, i got totally burned out, Also i feel that in general girls like me with swimmers shoulders and DD chest rarely look right in knitted garments so i steer clear. So i stick with my hat and shawl fetish lol. I love fields of malachite such graceful lace curves . I too always say i will knit socks this year and it never quite happens i lose interest after 1 sock each time , i love the little lace top onces they are seriously cute

  3. Hi Alex, I am finishing stuff… ):, with many ideas spinning around in my head. I got a pullover commission from my boss and she brought me some great Scottish yarns from her work trip to Edinburgh – can’t wait to get started on something for ME! Also some more fingerless gloves and socks to survive this cold and windy winter. Going to Paris??? Wow, lucky duck!

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