The week before the Bendigo Wool and Sheep Show was busy. Because of my last minute decision to attend, lots had to be organised. Being still fairly new to the game, there was lots of promotional material that had to be sourced and ordered. Banners, Stamps, Cards and props….lucky for me everything came together on Thursday. Even the nerves.

You must know that I am quite a reserved kinda girl. Big crowds are not my thing and I don’t care much for being the centre of attention. So doing my thing from home is well within my comfort zone. But sometimes it is good to push one’s boundaries and step out of that zone, don’t you agree? What works for me is that I love people, I love being infected by other people’s enthusiasm and passion. And I love sharing my passion.

And since knitting and all things fibre are my passion, I felt totally at home at the Wool & Sheep Show. I thrived on the buzz and excitement and the enthusiasm of other mad knitters. I was visited by lots of knitters wearing all kind of Ravelry paraphernalia. We talked the same language, loved the same patterns and shared new ideas and must try’s. I even learned a few new tricks of the trade.

I met other fabulous stall holders had lovely conversations in the early hours of show. There was Kate from Nono & Dot, a young knitwear designer from Melbourne. I bought her Suzie Q top and haven’t taken it off since. And I met Sue, formerly from Pear Tree Yarns. Sue is lovely and incredibly inspirational and now runs her new shop called Echidna Handmade in Torquay. Check it out, it is full of quirky, unique and sustainable products for the home and to wear.

I also very briefly met the lovely spinning girl Emma from Spun Out. I would have loved to sit and chat with these inspirational women, share ideas and a glass of red. But the show was busier than I ever expected and time for chats limited. I am hoping that the opportunity will arise in the future to reconnect and find a way to support each others businesses.

Now with the show under my belt I feel super motivated and inspired. I have rearranged my busting shelves and  I have also been searching for new artisan fibre artists to add to my range. There are quite a few brands I am interested in and over the next few weeks I will reveal what new yarns will be joining us.

Acadia – Asparagus

In the meantime however, I have received a little top up to our existing yarns. Meet Asparagus. Acadia is yet another Fibre Company yarn and it is looking very delicious to me.  With 60% Merino, 20% Alpaca and 20% Silk, this one is a luscious skein with luminous colour and a very nice twist to it. The smaller Alpaca content gives it lightness and warmth, without too much drape. The colours are saturated and intense. I just love the little silk slubs, which gives the yarn slight rustic look. But what is most important, it is another super soft skein of yarn goodness.

The Quaking Aspen Shawl looks lovely and the colours are just so different for a shawl. Mountain Nettle Shawl is another lovely example of the beautiful colour range. To me, the colours remind me of spring and the yarn is perfect for the season when a layer of warmth is still needed but the air is sweet and warming. A classic short sleeved top would be lovely…and for the little girl in your life, Hine would be the perfect match. Even a Milo for a spring baby would look gorgeous…you can make a statement with this yarn, there is nothing unassuming about it.

Another great trans seasonal yarn is Savannah, which is another of my favourites for garment knitting. I knit a lot of kids tops and Savannah is fantastic for it. While it is a unique fiber combination, I don’t feel it is a delicate or fragile yarn. Sometimes, when knitting for children I fret about the precious hand knit. So much time and effort goes in and if I choose a fine yarn I feel myself watching how it is being handled. I have special hand knits and then there is the one’s that have to be functional and hard wearing. Savannah fits the bill for me. It is only 50% Wool, so it gives warms without being too warm. The linen gives it a dry touch and a certain rustic feel. I knitted Sweet Peasy with it and am planning on another one with the new colours that came in yesterday.

Savannah – Bluegrass

I am thinking Bluegrass for my blue-eyed girl. But Crepe Myrtle is her choice. Of course.

Savannah – Crepe Myrtle

Miss Korrigan is another great pattern where Savannah has been used to great effect.

One more colour in the Canopy range arrived too, the juicy Conifer…

Canopy – Conifer

With these lovely colours arriving at the shop it almost feels like we can ring in Spring. But I am sure there is still plenty of Winter knitting going on.

The patterns that I keep coming back to are mainly for fingering weight yarn. It seems this weight is most popular. It is a great yarn for shawls and scarfs and when knitting with thicker needles a 4-ply project flies off the needles.

This weeks favourite fingering weight patterns are (aside from the omni present Colour Affection):


Cladonia (love the colour inspirations)

Pogona (just love Stephen West)

Rustling Leaves Beret (for a yarn with great stitch definition see Canopy fingering)

Dulse Mitts (these are on my list to do)

Taygete (love the modern look)

Urban (love Veera’s tops)


Rubbish Mojitos (love the name but its a hat by Woolly Wormhead…)

Laurelhurst Socks (love the socks but the shoes are great too…)

Hex(grey socks)

…and finally….

Low Tide Cardigan

Maybe tomorrow I’ll finish my Citron….

Did you go to the wool show? Are there any agri show in your area? What are you knitting during these grey winter days?

See ya,


8 thoughts on “Still.

  1. It was my first time visiting the wool show and I loved it! It was lovely to meet you and also to pat your beautiful yarns. I came away with some Road to China Light, Tundra and Malabrigo Rios. I love the way you pair your yarns with pattern suggestions, I appreciate all of your good ideas!

  2. It was great to meet you Alex! Bendigo was such a buzz and being crammed into your stall with an influx of Ravellers and wonderful yarn was a high light.

  3. Hello Alex, I have just found your blog/shop through meet me at mikes, and I have to say I love what you are doing! Those are my types of yarn you are selling and all those gorgeous pattern inspirations, and you are a local girl too, bonus! Glad to hear the wool show was so good for you, I must try and get there next year! I’ll be back to put an order in soon, in the mean time I’m following your blog to keep up with all the lovely new things you have on show. Have a great day, Julie 🙂

    1. HI Julie,
      great to hear from you and thanks for the lovely feedback. If you are local, be sure to pop by at Little Makers in Barker Street when I will be there with my pop up shop so you can pat the yarns and contemplate in person your favourite colours. I’ll be there from the 14th-23rd August.

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