The school holidays always leave me a bit breathless….

The noise level in a house with three busy children is always high. So is the energy. And the urgency. And while I don’t believe in holiday entertainment, we did ventured out on the few sunny days we had this winter holiday. Thanks to Zoe the puppy, we explored some new areas around our home. The vast greenery of the golf course is fabulous for some wild running and chasing. There was a trip to nearby Daylesford with the lake and a detour to the chocolate mill. And the crowning glory of our holiday was a trip to the Hot Springs in Rye. If you are ever in the area, it is an amazing place to visit. While it is fun with children, it would be memorable  on a romantic date. Not that this is likely to happen to us, but a girl can dream…

So now with the start of another term looming, I am anxious to get back into the swing of things. The house has suffered (a common theme you’d notice….when am I ever on top of things??)  My mother, the accomplished housewife, does not approve of my lack of interest time for a spotless house. I do try, but there are just never enough hours in a day. I am sure that with meticulous planning and discipline, even I could have it all. But then again….

I have been distracted by so many things lately. Shipment after shipment of amazing wool arrived in time for the upcoming Wool Show. And so many things to organise for said Show. From bags to banners and display heads… I made list after list. At one point I got a bit panicky, but then pulled myself together nicely. A few wonderful customers have been busily knitting up sample beanies for me and they are making their way back home. I am very grateful and amazed.

All my lovely wool is now packed up in boxes and ready to be ferried to the Show. Thursday I will be making my temporary shop ready for the crowds and I am terrified and exited. This is my first time going ‘public’ and  a totally new experience. But I can’t wait to put faces to names and meet other yarnoholics and women of wool….

There has been a wee bit of knitting going on amidst all this flurry of activity:

With the lovely Madelinetosh Merino Light in charcoal  I have knitted the ethereal Nae.

Nae in Madelinetosh Merino Light – Charcoal

The fabric is wonderful after a strong block. Almost silky and feathery light. But alas, to small for my liking. I still can’t understand why as I followed the pattern, but I really like its understated elegance, so I might just make another one….someday….

With the equally slinky Road to China light, I have started the Cuppa Tea Cowl by Laura Chau. The feel of the yarn is stunning and this is going to be a lovely sampler to show off some colours and textures.

I have finished a Tiny Tea Leaves for a friends little girl in Cascade 220 in the colour Sapphire. I have made quite a few of these cardigans and I love them each time. This time I chose some simple wooden buttons with a tree….

In Tundra I have made another chunky hat. I call this the Chunkini and will write up the pattern soon.

Chunkini in Tundra Lingonberry

From the lovely ladies that have been knitting samplers for me, we have the Warbler, Seedling, Fjord, Meret and Wurm. Oh, it is a wonderful collection of beanies and such a great way to show off some gorgeous yarn. Together, they are going to look just stunning….and they will be available for purchase at the show.

With all this knitting going on, I can’t believe I can still look at Ravelry, but there you go….it is addictive and there is always a new pattern to contemplate.

Like this cute little neck scarf called leftie (nothing political, just leftover sock yarns….)


Citron has been around for a while and I keep coming back to it…..


Everybody is still in deep winter knitting mode, so this cardi grabbed my  attention. The matching wool for this look would be Madelinetosh Vintage in Thunderstorm. But Moreland would be stunning too…






So there you go. I am off to the Show now.

I hope you are having a great weekend.

See ya,



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