My creative space – Holidaying

Its school holiday time!

Which for me means several things.

Regrouping, reconnecting, playing, adventures, day trips, lounging, pyjama days, hot chocolates and cakes, play-dates, trips to Melbourne….

It also can mean mess, chaos, frustration and arbitration.

There are long periods of lovely play. Cubbies, Lego, bike rides and all sorts of imaginative play that happens outside without me ever really knowing. Then there are the arguments that last just long enough for me to intervene just to dissipate as quickly in a fit of giggles. And there is the  racing around the house making incredibly loud rally car noises. Then there is the constant demand for food. On days like that I still revert back to the good old early bath time. When everyone is in the bath at 3pm and happy to splash about till the water gets cold.

Attending to the daily chores with three in tow is an exercise in logistics and team management. But we get there with a coffee stop in between…

And amongst all that, I simply must collect my thoughts with a spot of knitting here and there. Sorting stock, packing for the Show and dreaming about all the lovely things I could be knitting if I had the time. But I did manage to finish a lovely jumper for the small boy. He needed something chocolatey and warm.

Timon’s Caelum

With his matching Acorn Beanie, he is very handsome in his new jumper. Knitted in the softest Malabrigo Rios, colour is Pearl Ten. Love the pattern, love the yarn. Oh, and love the boy!

I proceeded to cast on for yet another Tiny Tea Leaves cardi for a fair little girl. Knitted in Cascade 220, colour ‘Sapphire’ it is coming up a treat.

Also on the needles at the moment is the lovely Skinner Hat. This one too in a lovely blue called Macaw, Canopy by the Fibre Company it is and very alluring.

Skinner Hat in Macaw

As it is with lace patterns, I can only really knit at night and then still I find myself undoing sections….fingering weight and lace are the most beautiful thing…but a pain to undo when mistakes happen.

What I would love to be knitting though is a Colour Affection. With all the Madelinetosh Light in stock now I am putting together some colour combinations and it is very tempting indeed…

Fawn, Corsage, Denim
Denim, Charcoal, Briar
Denim, Composition Book Grey, Winter Wheat
Milk, Fathom, Mourning Dove
Baltic, Fawn, Winter Wheat
Jade, Charcoal, Milk

But alas, time is scarce and the holidaying cherubs are tearing through the house demanding food and cuddles.

So, I put my dreaming and scheming aside and make another round of Vegemite Toast and Banana Milkshakes.

But tonight, it will be me and my needles and the latest episode of Offspring….

Enjoy the holidays!

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7 thoughts on “My creative space – Holidaying

  1. Love timon’s jumper. Love the grey and wheat madelinetosh light. I have knitting and Offspring planned tonight as well! Glad you are at least getting your coffee in.

  2. Love the jumper and the acorn beanie, he looks very cute in it. Oh I think the last 2 color combos are delightful. I just finished watching Offspring as I had recorded it, and cant wait for next week;s episode, but dont want the season to be over.

  3. So many beautiful projects and yarn! Love the jumper especially. Also the macaw blue yarn for the skinner hat – gorgeous colour!

  4. Totally in love with all that wool. I must order the jade for a project for my daughter.
    I love you combo of the Milk, Fathom and Morning Dove.
    I am currnetly knittiing the Tealeaves too….a much bigger size though, starting to take shape and loving it!

  5. Hello Alex-Love! What a treat to read your written word! Been meaning to ask you for a chunky, oversized, red beanie, for myself please… See you tomorrow, at Harry’s? If not, will catch up next week… How ridiculously quickly have these holidays gone? Lara xo

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