Tundra – Boreal

It has indeed been a very cold week. The only heater in the house is going full blast and everyone gravitates towards that coveted spot in front of it. That includes the puppy. So now we have 3 children and one pup sharing a doggy bed to get the warm blast of air….what a look.

But when the night descends and all is quiet, it is just me and the pup….and the hot air on my back as I knit away on all may many projects. It has a been a week of finishing and starting. The mitten phase is over for the moment, but hats are still the quick go-to project for a nice gift. Or, in my case, to ‘test’ a new yarn.

I have received daily shipments of new yarn and you can imagine what that means for me….yes, unpacking, sorting and photographing. But also lots of imagining and wishing. Each time a new yarn arrives I look for patterns, imagine a cowl or a hat, a nice cardigan. The colours always capture me and I spend some time pairing up and matching skeins. What goes with what…..different colour combinations…you know, idle play….

So today, I give you Tundra. This is a plump, squishy and deliciously soft 12-ply yarn. The latest range from the Fibre Company Yarns and the first that comes in a 100g skein.

Tundra – Glacier

Again, Tundra has a decent Alpaca content. With 60% Alpaca, this lofty skein is light yet warm. 30% Merino give it even more softness and the structure and memory. And the rest is lovely silk to give it strength and sheen. And together you’ll have yourself a beautiful yarn.

Tundra -Scotia Sea
Tundra – Lingonberry

The other night I put everything aside and cast on for a quick hat. Simple and reversible.

Boreal Hat
Boreal Hat

It looks great on both sides. But best of all, it is a hat even I could wear…..big and light.


A quick cowl would also go well with Tundra, as would a vest….But that will have to wait a bit, as there are other projects calling me.

This week I am casting on for the Skinner Hat, using the lovely Canopy Fingering in Macaw. I have already knitted this hat as a novice lace knitter a year or so ago. So this time round it should be a breeze…

I have also cast on for a Tiny Tea leaves for a little girl in Cascade 220 in Montmartre, a lovely lilac. For the same little girl, I am going to knit a favourite vest of mine, ‘Like sleeves’ for kids. This time I am using Cascade 220 in Sapphire. A fair girl with blue eyes, she is going to be decked out in lovely woollies….

I am also up to the sleeves on Timon’s ‘Caelum‘ Jumper. No hand-me downs for him this year but a beautiful new jumper. Knit in Malabrigo Rios in Pearl Ten, this is my favourite yarn at the moment for my kids knit. Incredibly soft and plied, it is durable enough for whatever boys get up to when you are not looking…

Well, with all this casting on you’d expect that I get lots of knitting time…

Not so. It is Stocktake time and Holidays. So together it makes for a busy me and I am only knitting a row here and there. On the good side, there will be a SALE at the end of this administrative tunnel and then I can kick back again and tackle all the WIP’s of mine.

I hope you are staying warm and have a well stocked knitting basket.

3 thoughts on “Tundra.

  1. I do enjoy reading your posts, Alex! Thank you. I’ve never been disappointed with the yarn I’ve purchased from you. I’m grateful that you stock so many, and for the way you introduce them to us!

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