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It has been raining for the past 24 hours. Non-stop.

While I am a sunny girl at heart, I do have a dark and murky side to me as well. Probably from growing up in Switzerland, famous not only for its beautiful mountains and clock work precision, but also for its many grey and rainy days. So I am quite partial to a bit of rain, mud and grey sky.

I think colourful wooly creations stand out more in a grey backdrop anyway. Don’t you agree?

Well, it has been a very full week  at Casa ZigoZago. Backstage there has been lots of soup making for Winter Solstice. The end the school term means a flurry of activities at school and a few colds thrown in for good measure. And then there was the big 7th birthday of Master Gian himself. The lad was lucky enough to have 3 separate celebrations.

Birthday Boy

I made his birthday crown for his third birthday way back when…I wonder if he will be wearing it for his 18th? You can find a similar pattern via Soulemama’s blog and first book I believe.

For his celebration, I made him a new beanie and matching mittens….Windschief by Stephen West is a beautiful pattern with a very effective detail. I knitted it in the delicious Fibre Company Organik. The beanie is being worn with pride, but shoved in and out of his school bag. And despite this rough treatment, I am super pleased at how it is wearing. The silk contend make it so hard wearing. Now, if he doesn’t lose it…..

The shop was sea of wool bags, after a bumper delivery of Malabrigo Yarn. Oh my, I forgot how much I had ordered and I have been loving unpacking the boxes and bags and discovering all the new colours.

One colour in particular stood out for me. Nor for its beauty. In fact, as I was looking at this, I was wondering what I was thinking when I ordered this strange grey/green colour….

Malabrigo Worsted – Garden Gate

Intrigued, I picked it to knit the Station Hat . Just to see how it would knit up….

Station Hat

And gosh, I do love it very much. It just goes to show that you can’t judge a skein by its colour….or something like that. I love the pattern, I love the colour. Perfect for a steel eyed, blond girl (I tried it on several people, and it is not for the darker complexion I think).

Lovely detail

And knitting with a worsted weight yarn is just so satisfying. Knit one night at the pub (knitting night…). A clever construction shows off the purl side, but it is all knit….yay!

Another groovy hat that Emma, a lovely customer, knitted for her beloved, is the Botanical Hat. Incidently, another Stephen West wonder….

Malabrigo Rios – Playa and Cascade 220 Grey

Check out Emma’s Blog for more information on her knitting adventure.

And now, I want to sit in front of the heater and knit more hats….if only I had more time to knit……

But do check out all the new Malabrigo colour in the shop. 

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