The last few weeks have passed in a buzz of activity.

There is the buzz of a busy family life. Various school activities, horse riding, dancing and soccer. Play dates, errands and dinner catch ups. Daily walks with the pup. Keeping up with said pup’s toileting  mishaps. The usual stuff, you know…life, that never seems to slow down enough for you to catch a breath.

There are times when things seem to tick along nicely, when I am organised and on top of things. Usually, when I have a plan of some sorts.

Then there are times, when I play catch up. When I never get to the bottom of things. When I get to 5pm without a clue as to what to do for dinner, when the washing still sits in the washing machine and the pile of clean clothes still sit in their basket. When I, yet again, failed to tidy the upstairs….and it is starting to show. And the studio is crying out for some attention too.

Of course, I could be more organised, make lists and a menu plan. Actually, I am sure it would help. So, come Monday, I will spend some time on a plan of action. A weekly to-do list of sorts.

But while I might complain that life is going a bit too fast for my liking, I still managed to squeeze in a little bit of crafting…without it I would have gone bananas. And besides, in the dark hours of the night, whilst catching on the latest episode of Offspring, knitting is a much better way of passing time than folding washing…don’t you think?

Well, you might have caught on to the POP Blanket buzz over on Ravelry? When I saw the pattern all my lights when on! I have been dreaming of finally knitting a blanket for ages. I do like the funky granny blankets, but crochet is just not my thing. But knitting endless stitches and row after row of mindless stocking stitch is too much of a long-term project. I could not commit. I am too much of an instant gratification girl. And that is where the POP Blanket is to ingenious….Knitted squares in a heavy weight yarn. Double pointed needles thankfully don’t scare me, and the colours are just irresistible. The cosy and cushy softness of the Eco Wool, combined with the brilliant colours of NORO. I had found my match!

POP Blanket

You can play with a combination of colours. I have used NORO Kureyon

Noro Kureyon 170
Noro Kureyon 246
Noro Kureyon 284

The range of colours are great. I am loving the process so much. The techniques are easy and if you are familiar with double pointed needles, you can make a few squares in no time. I  think I can make one square in about 15 min.

an unblocked square….

You’ll learn to do a Pinhole Cast on (great tute over here….or you can as Dr. Google for a video), knitting with dp needles in the round. Increases and short rows. All this in one small square keeps you entertained….

Because this blanket is bound to become really popular with the knitting crowd, I have made up some kits for the shop. They include one skein of Cascade Eco Wool and 3 balls of your choice of Noro Kureyon. You can also add the required dp needles. This is enough to make 20 squares to the size of a cot blanket. I will make mine a bit bigger….cosy enough to snuggle under it on the couch….

But the Kureyon is so yummy, I got sidetracked for a bit…

Noro Mitts

Super easy and quick, I needed some mittens to keep my hands warm on these early mornings, when the frost is covering the land…

And then the kids wanted some too…

Toasty Kids Mitts

I changed the pattern a bit, made them smaller and added a trim. And voila, a happy girl and warm hands….

The colours alone make you happy….and again, a quick project on your dp’s. I made one whilst having my hair done…see?

And so I am making more of these toasties. With more Noro and plenty of left over yarn. For kids birthday presents and for a few special people….

Sometimes, instant gratification is what is needed when time is short but the need to ‘make’ is great. After my beanie bender, I am on a fingerless mittens bender and I have found some other patterns that I would love to try out.

From basics to the more elaborate

Spring Twists

This is a pair a lovely customer whipped up in our Malabrigo Arroyo in Jupiter.

And I love this stitch.


And these

White Caps

And finally the outragous long hand warmers featured on Purl Bee

Long striped hand warmers

Aren’t they just stunning? Madelinetosh Light would be just perfect for these….

So, what are you knitting at the moment? Is it a blanket or mittens?

Either way, I hope you are keeping warm and cosy and most of all, on top of your every day life’s demands.

Tomorrow I will be spending the with hopefully lost and lots of knitting friends at this year’s World Wide Knit in Public Day. And Sunday we will be having a family celebration of our now 7 year old wonder boy.

Happy times!

5 thoughts on “Buzz.

  1. Immer wenn ich deinen Blog lese, vermisse ich dich ein bisschen und finde es schade, dass du soooo weit weg bist. aes liäbs Griässli Joli

  2. I think the pop blanket looks great. I am thinking of knitting some fingerless gloves too, and those patterns look so nice. Glad to hear that another knitter likes to sit up knitting and watching Offspring!

  3. A post full of inspiration, Alex. Like you, I am trying to get more time to knit organised… tough one… fingerless gloves are definitely on the agenda, now that I have finished some BIG projects, you know, little manageable treats are on the agenda. Have a great Monday planning your meals and all – will be thinking of you 🙂

  4. ‘t’was great fun to catch up with you at the knit-in [ a bit … not like you actually sat down for very long LOL ] and the lamb sausages at lunchtime were a lovely touch.
    Miss hanging out …
    We must get Wednesday knitting happening again, don’t you think ?

  5. MMmmm very inspirational post! I hadn’t seen the long fingerless gloves from Purl Bee before, but LOVE the colour combination, and I’ve always loved single-row stripes – they have such a fabulous zig-zaggy look to them – they really show off the v-shapes of the knit stitches. May have to use single row stripes in a design sometime soon….

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