My Creative Space

It has been a while. I have been spending a lot of time over on Facebook, updating and propagating…and so much has been happening in the past few weeks…

Life. You know. Driving kids to and fro. Cooking warming winter dishes. Going out and having fun (like seeing the iconic Paul Kelly in concert….wow!). Trying, really trying to get on top of this house cleaning thing. Nursing sick children with chicken soup and camomile tea. Working out stuff with the man….

And of course getting stuck in crafty projects. The constant pull between creating and nurturing….sometimes I am really torn….and I have to try really hard to find a balance between the two.

But lets get back to that creative space I find my self in. It is something that has taken over in the past few days. I am in love with the lovely, funky POP Blanket. It has gone viral over on Ravelry, and knit-alongs are popping up everywhere….It is a gorgeous concept and one that speaks to me….I have been wanting to make a blanket for a long time. Crochet does not grab me as much and knitting mindless row after row is  not exactly thrilling me….so when I saw this blanket and its contruction it seemed like the perfect combination. Knitted squares…..adding to this the amazing colourful Noro yarn, and you can see the attraction.

So you see, I had to get some NORO Kureyon into the shop and make up Kits so that you can make up your own delicious, cosy, woolly POP Blanket.

The moment I got the NORO, I had to start knitting and I tell you what. The squares are so quick to make. I think I can make one in about 20min. It is a bit of a wrangle if you are not used to all these dp needles in your hands. They tend to got all over the shop initially. But then…oh my, it is as quick as fascinating to watch how each colour knits up…

So here are some of my (still wrinkly) squares….

Now they are all wet and stretched out on my ironing board, hoping that they will flatten out nicely….oh, the loveliness of it….

If you want to join in, hop over to my FB page. A few of us are knitting them up simultaneously and how glorious it will be when the finished squares are being posted.

Projects like this just make me happy.

Other things are making me happy at the moment. But that will be for another post….

To see some more creative spaces, hop over here

What is making you happy at the moment? What do you do to bring some sunshine into your life when it is cold and grey outside?

See ya,

6 thoughts on “My Creative Space

  1. Hey Alex, this blanket is drop dead gooooooorjus!!
    Oh, I could sit and look at those colours for ages.
    DP needles and I are not the best of friends, I’m more comfortable with a hooky stick…….

    Hope the littlies get better quick sticks and yes, finding that balance is tricky…….one day!

    CLaire :}

  2. i love the space in-between, the ecru, how it provides a gorgeous woven look. i would love if my bank would allow me to miss a mortgage payment so that i could buy some delicious yarns from zigozago – best value i’ve seen and quality yarns throughout. alas if i asked i am sure they would say no. as soon as possible…i will be purchasing. yippee, i look forward to joining as a customer.

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