As someone mentioned, I was on a beanie bender….

The funny thing is though, that all this beanie making is  classic avoidance tactic. I should be knitting a little boys vest. It’s a re-knit, because the first one turned out too small (or the boy grew since I last measured….). And as you may agree with me (or may not), vests are not exactly riveting knitting. Not the second time around at least.

So, every night I trick myself by choosing ‘just a quick little project’ before tackling this vest….well, about 6 beanies later and I can’t stop. Beanies everywhere are calling me. Little delicious skeins of luxury yarn are taunting me to play with them and turn them into little delicious beanies (like this one?).

But little boys and girls bodies do so well when nice and warm. Out of all the woolly items I have knitted over the years, vests are by far the most practical and sensible. Hats make it from home to school and are then discarded and shoved into the depth of a school bag. Jumpers are great, but with all the running and chasing and heavy digging in the sandpit, my boys get too hot and want to take them off.  Vests,  on the other hand keep their vital organs nice and cosy, and the extremities cool. Perfect for layering, with the vest being the layer that stays on. Enough said? And since I am such an advocate for vests, I should A) keep knitting this vest without further ado, and B) give you a list of my favourites….

Well, so here they are, starting from the young to the not so young….

Pebble because the moment they are born, we want to cocoon them in something soft, warm and handmade with love……

Followed closely by MILO. This pattern doesn’t need any introduction. I think every knitting mama knows this one and has probably knitted several…right? Best of all, Milo comes in so many sizes that the same vest can become a childhood staple….

Treasure Vest is for busy toddlers who love to collect bits and pieces. Handy little front pockets to collect acorns, shells and autumn leaves….

Speaking of which, the Autumn Leaves Vest and the Posh version….Love both vests so much. The detailing, the colour possibilities. The sleeves…..It has been on my to-do-list for a year…..

For a perfect Nana knit, this Little Aran Vest. Lots of cables requires a little bit more patience and persistence….

Does your best friend need a vest? Maybe a ribbed sweater vest? Sorry, could not help myself….

Like sleeves for kids  is another favourite of mine and one I love to knit for big girls….but it comes in a baby version too…

LOVE this one, with its big squishy collar and super bulky yarn….how quick would this be?

And for us ladies?  A friend is currently knitting this gorgeous vest out of our Road to China Worsted. Just so lush and plush….and looks great too with a white shirt underneath or a funky t-shirt.


I love this zippy vest, because its simple, quick and just plain honest….and who could say no to a funky zip, right?

Autumn Equinox

And speaking of simple….this one rocks….in my book…

Wrap Vest

You notice, I go for quick and simple. But that’s just me. Time is limited and I often crave something nice that does not take months to make. Which obviously does not always translate into a quick knit….This could still take ages…

But here you go. These are my favourites.

Do you have a favourite vest pattern? How do you keep warm? How do you get your kids to keep their woollens on?

Keep warm this week.



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