Skein Yarn – Himalaya

Our household has been slightly chaotic lately.

Which, to be honest is nothing out of the ordinary. I often have high claims to be super mum and have everything under control, but truth be told, I don’t. Far from it. Sometimes, there is just so much on, that things get missed along the way (not the kids, though). Piles of clean clothes that never make it into the drawers. Dinners left too late….little bits and pieces lying around the house, which drives me nuts….

And added to this crazy mix is a cute puppy, who has too many wee accidents that I care to remember….

You all know the drill, I bet. We all have days and weeks where things go like clockwork. Kids are happy and settled, you have loads of inspiration for school lunches and dinners. Energy to help the kidlets tidy up their toys before dinner. Happy bath time, PJ’s, kisses and bed. And then, meaningful one-on-one’s with the other half.

And then, there are the other times. When the kids argue within 1/2 of getting up in the morning, usually before I can get my first coffee in. And it stays messy all day.

Usually, when dinner inspiration is lacking and patience wanes, there is one thing that can set things straight. And that is a quick trip into the studio, a pat of a skein or two and the idea of a new project. The icing on the cake is of course the delivery of some new yarn.  And this week’s delivery of the delicious Skein Yarn has put many things right.

Himalaya ‘Midlands’

There is much to be exited about. Skein is australian made, which is just great. And the two lines I got, Himalaya and Worsted MCN both have a decent amount of Cashmere in it, making it super cosy and warm. Himalaya is DK, making it a versatile yarn, from cosy cowls, beanies and of course lovely jumpers and cardis.

Himalaya ‘Daisy’

One pattern that I would just love to make is the lovely Little Oak Cardi by Coastal Knits Kids.

Celia is a beautifully simple top, knit in Himalaya.

Vodka Lemonade is another great Cardigan that would work perfectly with Himalaya….just the name is enticing..

Vodka Lemonade

Or Groovy

Groovy in Himalaya Midlands

There are tons of DK weight patterns on Ravelry. Have a look and be inspired by this little piece of luxury.

And for a while, my Universe is right again. While arranging the new stock, I take stock of my week and take a deep breath out. Decided to tackle a few unfinished projects (of the domestic nature), be more Zen and make a menu plan. Get some cooking inspiration and maybe take the kids for an early morning walk through the bush with the puppy. To get us all a bit more centred and connected.

And then tackle the pile of washing….

Have a wonderful mothers day!


2 thoughts on “Skein Yarn – Himalaya

  1. It sounds all too familiar – my cure is to get under a quilt and knit and adopt the mantra “well, I will tackle all of that later, let’s finish this sleeve first.” MUST have the Himalaya in red and blue!!!

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