Fibre Company Yarns

Canopy Fingering - Acai, Palm Bud and Macaw

I am torn….

I love bright, vibrant colours with lots of different variations. Hand dyed and kettle dyed colours that pop and make knitting so much fun. Malabrigo is one of the most popular companies that produce a staggering range of drool worthy yarns (oh, but there are so many more…). Each colour I see, I want. I even dream of knitting with each new colourway that comes in. And sometimes I don’t even get to sample a colour, it is sold out before I can snatch it for myself….

And then, there is the classy yarn, with a focus on luxury fibres. Companies, that make it their mission to produce outstanding skeins of unsurpassed softness and smoothness. Each little skein is a gem of soft, warm and shiny fibres. Each skein you want to press against your face and bury your nose in. The colours are muted and elegant. And the variation is delicate because each different fibre takes up the dye differently. There is silk, bamboo, alpaca, camel, cashemere, soy, linen…..rustic or elegant.

Canopy Fingering Palm Bud, Macaw and Plum

Knitting with the Fibre Company Yarns is a different experience and it would suit different styles of knitting. And different personalities?

So, no. I should not be torn. Like different facets of my personality and the different moods I find myself in, so are these very different yarns made for me…

Canopy Fingering is one of these little gems. Alpaca, Merino and Silk  make for a strong and durable fibre. Warm and drapey, perfect for colour work. And the 3ply fingering weight make it so versatile. For one, it is lovely for warm and soft beanies. Like this one….

And this beanie is another great hat pattern….

Selbu Modern

Being fingering weight, the applications are endless….socks, shawls, cowls, fingerless mittens….just a couple of skeins and you have yourself something very, very precious…..

Come to the Shop, and see what colours inspire your creativity…..

….and then, head out into the autumny sunshine….with a cuppa and some knitting needles….

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