We are a bit distracted at our house….

Since last Thursday, we are the proud parents owners of the cutest little puppy in the world (totally biased of course). So, meet Zoey, a little bundle of playful energy, which has turned out lives around in the matter of only one week.

We were researching and planning on getting a dog by the end of the year. When we have finished building our own house, with a fence and all…But instead, this girl popped up and how could I resist. We were all craving a dog and so she came home with me, along with all the paraphernalia required…a bed, bowls, collar and toys. Along with tasty treats and a bag full of food. And a head full of dog training theory.

Well, a week later I have learned a few tricks (and so has she). From toilet training to dog nutrition, liver treats and nipping, and how to eliminate all potential hazards from the lounge (reminiscent of toddler proofing). I have chased her when she stole my knitting and supplied endless treats for good behaviour. In short, I am in love with a puppy. Oh, did I mention the kids are smitten too?

But, life has not slowed down and my knitting, while limited this week, has not entirely stopped. And there was the delivery of some delicious new wool from Malabrigo, which I could not pay the usual undivided attention. But it is here, and it is glorious, let me tell you….

Arroyo - Aguas
Arroyo - Jupiter
Arroyo - Prussian Blue

Arroyo is the new range. Superwash and super soft, it is a 5ply yarn with a nice twist. Being true Malabrigo, the colours are wonderful and varied and I can’t wait to see what everyone is knitting with it. It is a bit hard to get, so I will have to resist the temptation to use it all myself….I will put another order in, in a couple of weeks, so if you are after a colour that I don’t stock, just drop me a line, ok?

Then we have some new and some favourite colours of the always popular Rios.

Rios - Cumparasita
Rios - Playa

Playa caught my attention, as I was after a classic and manly colour. I am knitting a slouchy beanie with it, and the colour variations are just so subtle and varied. Grey-blue with flecks of gold and some black make for a stylish and understated beanie. Perfect for my mostly black wardrobe…It would also make a very nice jumper for a boy….

So, come and have a look at the yumminess of these new colours and let your creative juices flow.

Over the next few days I will put together a list of awesome patterns I found…so many, it is hard to decide what to knit first. Ravely is once again proving a great distraction.

What are you knitting at the moment? Are you just loving these wintry cold days? I do so much. Perfect to potter at home, bake and knit and play board games I think.

Only, now we have Zoey, I am venturing out more and enjoy the crispness on our walks through the bush. Lucky, I have plenty of woollens to keep me warm.



4 thoughts on “Distracted.

  1. Dr chli Hund isch ja wirklich megahärzig….. aber ich weiss vo mim Schwager, wo ai ä chlinä Hund hed, dass es am Afang ziemlich chaotisch isch. Viel Spass und liäbi Griässli Joli

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