Milestones. Free Shipping.

Well, not so long ago I had the privilege to celebrate my big 4.0. It was a milestone. I am in a very good spot in my life and have so much to be grateful for.

And this month I have reached another milestone.

ZIGOZAGO is turning 1!

Sure, I could have 5000 Facebook Likers and 4530 Blog Followers and Icon Status on Pintrest…… I could be adding another room to our house to accommodate the growing stock of wool and employ a student to help me pack orders….but no. I am simply happy to be able to do what I love most.

Being surrounded by beautiful colours and textures inspires me to be creative.

And over the past 12 months, I know I have inspired people to take up knitting (again). I have taught someone to knit my way (continental), I have inspired friends to move past scarfs and on to cowls, vests and lots of beanies. I have helped create a little community of fellow crafters who not only knit together, but also share laughter and joy and friendship. And together, we drool over the softness of a  skein and marvel at the wonderful range of colours…

This little business of mine has become my project, my passion and an extension of who I am. It fulfils my need to be creative, it makes me happy, and I have met  fellow yarnophiliacs.

And that’s what its all about. To be able to share and create. To do something that makes you happy and pass some of this happiness onto others.

An so, as a little “Thank you” to all my ZigoZago Customers and Likers, SHIPPING THIS WEEK IS ON ME!

Thats right! Until next Saturday, you can add the code ‘thank you‘ in your check out and get free shipping for all your ZigoZago orders.

Have a wonderful week and enjoy this glorious season!

4 thoughts on “Milestones. Free Shipping.

  1. Alex, Congratulations for your big FOUR ZERO and for Zigo Zago’s big ONE! What an achievement. And 4530 followers on your blog, I am turning green with envy (no, I am not, you deserve it!). Well done and keep going. Personally, I agree, fourty is great, I would for nothing in the world want to be under thirty ever again. As for continental knitting – that’s the way to go!!!

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