On and Off.


After weeks of wrestling with too many WIP’s, I have finally managed to finish some of my projects. The queue for projects that want to be knitted is getting longer and I was itching to start some new stuff. I like new projects…..

Sweet Peasy in Savannah DK

So, hot off the needles is the sweet Sweet Peasy in the smallest size 4/5. And what an incredibly sweet cardigan it is. Partly due to the, still somewhat unknown, gorgeous Savannah! I have raved enough about the pattern and it is a very popular one with 207 projects on Ravelry. So here is my spiel about the Fibre Company’s Savannah.

Courtney and Kate are the lovely ladies behind Kelbourne Wollens, the distributors of the Fibre Company Yarns. And together they have an incredible eye for colour and a knack for fibre combinations. Savannah, for instance is  50% Wool, 20% Cotton, 15% Linen and 15% Soy. These fibres together make for a beautiful, crisp yet very soft yarn with a heathered effect. The colour range is soft and muted, perfect for all seasons knitting. Savannah is probably one of my favourite yarns, because it is rustic and easy to care for. Check out their blog too, as they have great patterns available.

I am expecting some new colours of Savannah in the next couple of weeks and I expect this lovely 8ply yarn will be a winner.

Another Project that I finally managed to cast off it the popular Eden’s Adam, by Georgie Hallam. I knit this as a sample for the Cascade Ultra Pima Cotton, but it got somehow  lost in the basket. So here it is, still sweet and soft, but a bit late for the Summer heat….

Eden's Adam in Ultra Pima

Needless to say, this is a great pattern that works well for wool and cotton and is just such a practical garment for little ones. I, for one, like my kids to keep their chests warm, especially when the mornings are quite crisp.

And if you have been following my blog for a while and keep track of projects that appear and disappear….yes, there are a few more projects that are begging for my attention….the Rubble, Drifting, Celery Cardigan….but I will get there some day. It’s just that new projects keep distracting me. Rubble needs to be ripped back to the sleeves, as there seems to be a problem with the pattern, Drifting is waiting for its sleeves and Celery? that one will just have to wait….

ON the needles this week is the Mele Vest. In the very hardy and soft Lana d’Oro (Wool/Alpaca). This one is for a boy in Gian’s class. A handy vest, no fuss and straight forward to knit.

And finally, my second time knitting the funky Rikke Hat. I knit one last year in Madelinetosh Vintage too. This time, it’s  in the very vibrant Kelp colourway. A great knit, which requires very little thought, just a change of needle size….Oh, and it uses the very stretchy German Twist Cast On, which is very handy to know….

So, this is what has been happening (knitwise) at my house.

We also met a very cute puppy called Willow and are now very keep to adopt one ourselves…I think the kids are getting ready to raise a dog….and I am warming to the idea. Lots of research and a house with fence is needed in the meantime….

Discovered a great farmers market in Talbot…

And enjoying lovely evening walks in the bush…

Hope you are having a lovely autumny week.

What is NEW on your needles? Finished any long lost projects? Do you have a puppy?

4 thoughts on “On and Off.

  1. Get a puppy! Just do it! We did, a year ago, we got TWO, that’s double fun! We were ummming and aaahhing for far too long. You learn as you go, you have to sacrifice some of your kid’s toys (sorry), but they are now the emotional barometer of our entire family. They are uniting us in love. It is just the best thing… just do it…

  2. Mmmm, luscious! I love to see what you’re doing. Interesting that it’s autumn for you. I have never corresponded with anyone from that other hemisphere 🙂

  3. No puppy here yet. I feel the need to get my youngest out of nappies prior to taking on training a dog! Maybe next year?

    I have been knitting so much lately that my R.S.I. has flared up. In March/April I’ve finished the Panoramic Stole (Hannah Fettig) and the Lavender beanie (Georgie Hallam). Blocking right now is my Dots Yoke Vest (Ochiai Tokuko). I’m now knitting a Tuva (Turvid) beanie, plus crocheting a Granny Circle Cushion (Lollipop Tree Lane). I have some small Sally Gloves (Nancy Ricci) to knit, some more Cinderella Wristers (Lion) to crochet. I also have my eye on the Reversatile Cowl (Katie White), because my mum just returned from New Zealand with some lovely alpaca for me. Lots of Autumn fun. 🙂

    1. Hey Sally,
      loved checking out all your mentioned patterns. LOVE the Dots Yoke Vest and must try the lavender beanie. Reminds me a bit of your ‘seedling’ hat…looks like you are keeping busy….

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