This and that…

Ideas for a boy quilt


…its been a funny sort of week…..lots of rain and muddy feet. Some warm sunshiny days with lots of nude mud play.

Lots of knitting and un-knitting…., and a start on a boy quilt. New recipes discovered and added to the family repertoire  (last nights dinner right here….).

After the euphoria of finishing the big girl’s quilt, I have started the middle boys quilt with equal enthusiasm and new-found confidence….this time I was going to try a ‘proper’ pattern. I even got out a modern and funky looking quilt book to get some instructions and measurements.

I was envisaging something like this…60 or so cross blocks, sewn together and voila…..

sock monkey flannel


The Sock Monkey is one of Gian’s favourite fabrics. And considering he is a bit of a monkey and likes to sleep with socks on, I thought this was the quilt for him…Which may as well be, but after doing one trial cross I realised one thing about me….

I am not a precise, rules and regulations quilter….no (even though I am half swiss….). Sewing just this square made me say not so nice words and look disappointedly at the finished product. I was not going to make 60 of these things. What next? I started playing around….

Random strip to random square, just sewn together as they came and slowly, a pattern started to emerge….

Random Stripes

And so, instinctively I was following the same recipe as with Emilia’s quilt. Which is quite organic and uneven, but makes great use of leftovers.

And some random squares...

I don’t know if this is an official technique, but lets call it ‘slash and burn’. So, in this rhythm, I cut random strips of fabric and sewed the together. Then I trimmed the sides and over-hanging bits and used these leftovers to sew together again or attached them to a long strip. You still following? Basically, you are left with minimal waste. At this stage I am not following any measurements. I sew until I get bored, then start another strip. I expect I will end up with a pile of random squares and will decide then what I will do with them.

I love the way its coming together. I like where it is taking me. So unplanned and spontaneous, a picture is emerging and in the end, it is turning into a quilt that will match my boy no doubt.


On another note, I have just registered our World Wide Knit in Public Day on the 11th June. If you are local or are visiting our very beautiful town in June, please join us for a knitting marathon. More details closer to the day….


Have a wonderful weekend!







9 thoughts on “This and that…

  1. Love the different textures in the quilt – cotton, flannelette, a linen or chambray? Love it Love it. You really have an amazing eye for coordinating fabrics. I actually don’t find a lot of quilts appealing but yours really hit the mark for me.

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