Gossamer and Stovepipe. Ready for a stripy Baktus

Like clockwork, summer has taken leave, autumn making a grand entrance with rain, rain and more rain. And then, the stunning crispy mornings and the ever so slight change of light… The need for an extra layer in the mornings.

A shawl, knitted in 40C, finally becoming useful.

Yep, autumn is here and so, without any hesitation, the knitting season. While for some of us, knitting is not depended on a season. We can just stockpile our projects until they can come out of their closets. All brilliant colours and intricate and clever stitches. All useful and practical. All pop and sparkle. What we have been working on during stolen moments, long interstate trips or while doing our daily school runs….

While I am certain there will still be basking in the last golden and warm rays of sun, seasons are a promise of time passing. A time to go inwards, search for warmth and nourishment.

A time to start making plans for your knitting projects… Jumpers or Cardigans for the kids? Scarfs or cowls? A shawl or a wrap? Beanies and socks?

I always get a bit overwhelmed when I think of my to-do list. 3 children, who grow from one season to the next. This year, 2 boys will need a winter jumper. And my big girl is asking for a pretty cardigan. Two of them need new beanies and one needs  a cowl.

And that is just the basics. Then there are the projects, that I just long to knit up….

All this planning brings me to today’s post title. Passions.

What makes us happy? What settles our mind after a busy day? What are we longing to do that ultimately defines who we are?

I feel that, all too often, we forget the things that truly makes us happy. We are busy. We work, raise families, keep house, cook, entertain, play, mow the lawn, renovate, celebrate and attend meetings….and all what is in between. Which is beautiful and rich. Which makes up our life and our story.

But there is this little slice of life that is uniquely solitary. The time to breathe in and out. To be still. To contemplate and evaluate. To go right to the core of who we are. A space to recharge our batteries, to be able to face the challenges of life with courage and faith.

Now, am I saying that knitting helps me face my challenges and tribulations better. Does knitting make me a calm and focused? Like meditation?

I find that, while taking literally ‘time out’ is a beautiful thing if you can get it, my passions and interests do just that for me. If you have a passion, it is like going on a holiday (ok, so not that literally). But when I cook a special meal (not your everyday quick dinners), I go into that ‘zone’. I blend spices, sniff at the ensuing aroma, mix, add, test and adjust. Its a process I can get into and tune out what has been happening all day. To then serve up and enjoy a meal is just the last out breath of letting go. And the happiness of a beautiful meal.

Same with knitting. The search for a pattern, the choice of yarn and colour. The contemplation, indecision, and finally, the choice. The concentration while casting on and setting up the work. And then, the hours spend knitting away. Hours spent, sometimes thinking, but often just in empty silence. Just sitting there and meditatively watching your hands rhythmically moving. Watching colours and shape change, becoming the final piece you imagined. The happiness of the final product.

If I did not have my passions, I feel my life would miss something. I would not have a sanctuary to go to. I would not have a space I could slip to, where I am not a mother, wife, friend or daughter. I am just me. Pure and simple.

Just for 5 minutes or an hour a day.

What is your Passion?

A mini Baktus in Terra 'Olive Leaf'



3 thoughts on “Passions.

  1. I am 100% with you on passions!!! Especially in this rain! Our family is doing far more passions for everyone, and much less drill. And guess what – everybody has got more energy, love and patience do go through the boring stuff in life. Viva la passion!

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