It is my 2nd week of Yoga and I feel I am slowly finding my own rhythm again.

I am less anxious about all the things I ‘ought’ to be doing on my child-free days. Tuesday is Yoga, Wednesday knitting. Simple. All I need now is a weekly menu plan I can go in the draw for ‘super-mom’ of the year! As if….. I have no ambitions of that sort.

Instead, I am on a roll knitting wise.

Different Lines in Malabrigo Sock (Ochre and Eggplant)
Stripe Study Shawl in Madelinetosh Merino Light - Tern and Jade
Lace Baktus in Madelinetosh Sock - Norway Spruce

It is all very addictive. The colours, the texture and the bloom after the shawls are blocked. I find it intoxicating. And then the search for the next colour combination…..

But I have taken a break from my stalkerish obsession with Veera’s patterns. I mean, that lady has some talent. Colour Affection is her latest shawl pattern, and then there is Line Break (like in taking a break from the stripes???) and Hidden in the Forest.

Well, I needed a break from the stripes and ever lengthening rows, so I picked that super simple Baktus pattern. But then, that was a bit too simple, so I have been following the lacy pattern instead. Baktus has a clever way of using the whole skein by increasing to the halfway mark and then decreasing till the end, thus producing a very practical and long scarf. And I love how it makes a beautiful yarn shine. If you try this pattern, treat yourself to a luxurious yarn in your most favourite colour. Well worth it.

And while we are on the subject of scarf and yummy yarn, I thought I mention the importance of blocking your works of art and hours of labour. I am guilty myself of leaving that last step out out of laziness in the eagerness to put it on or gift it. Not so anymore!

Aside from blocking a garment to measurement and ‘ironing’ out little flaws, what blows me away each time is what happens to the yarn once it is soaked and blocked. The fibres literally ‘bloom’ and open up, revealing a softness and shine. The fabric becomes very drapey and luxurious. And if you have knitted a lace pattern it is even more imperative. For more information on blocking, check out this article on

So, now that I have wetted your appetite for shawls, how about some pattern ideas? In the last few weeks I have spent hours on Ravelry looking at patterns and yarn ideas. And I have discovered a new love for the thinner thread. Not quite lace (too thin for my likes), but something between Sock and Sport. Its applications are so wide-ranging. Obviously well beyond socks. From elegant scarf, a modern take on a shawl (see above), a lightweight cardigan and delicate fingerless toasties. Really, it is most versatile . Sure, it takes longer to knit something up. It requires patience. I tend to have several projects on the go, just to break the monotony of endless stocking stitch rows. But the end product is delicate and versatile. Promise.

So lets see my top 10 favourites on Ravelry:

Twisted Mitts
Mira's Cowl
Making Waves Cardigan

So, that’s it. 10. But the list could go on and on. But by now you are probably overwhelmed by the choice, so I will have to leave it at that. And I could not help sneak in a last Veera pattern….

I am going back to my 3 WIP’s and pick one to knit for an hour or so before bed.

What are you knitting? Are you ready for Autumn? Are you ready for the Knitting Season?

See ya.



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