Trendy Chale – a translation


So, after yesterday’s ‘Rhythm’ post, I took it very easy and slowly today.

After a mad dash to school (late. again.), we settled back home, with music, my second cup of coffee and some time to catch up on old stuff….

Music? The kids have discovered our old stash of CD’s and we are playing Cat Stevens, World Greatest Movie Soundtracks (from the 90’s no less) and some Elvis compilation….it has been rather nice. Call me old-fashioned, but Cat Stevens still brings a smile to my face and an uncontrollable urge to sing out loud.

And we cooked up a storm. Spiced Red Lentils  from my all time favourite cookbook ‘Plenty’. Bolognese for tomorrow’s lasagna, a big batch of Pesto for the week and we also made a batch of 4 Grain Cereals for our breakfasts. Now, while this is not a food blog per se, it is about good living and the pleasures of life….so I am adding a couple of favourite links for some food inspiration. Just because…

And while everything was bubbling away, (and Timon crashed on the couch for a nana nap) I suddenly remembered that I promised someone to translate the Trendy Chale Recipe pattern, as it is in french only on the website. So here it is:

Depending on your taste and desired look choose either  fine yarn like Malabrigo Lace, Lace and Kidsilk combo or on the other hand, a soft Alpaca for a bigger effect. For Lace, choose a rather large needle size, like a 4.5-5mm.  Look on the Ravelry page for yarn inspiration….

Then you CO 3 sts

Row 1: K2, kfb, k1   =4sts

Row2: K3, kfb, k1 = 5sts

Row3: K4, kfb, k1  =6sts

continue until you have finished your skein or your chale is the desired length. Et Voila…

PS: if you choose a lace and kidsilk combo, be aware that the lace yardage is much bigger than the kidsilk. I had to get 3 rowan kidsilk to one ball of lace….


How’s that. A little post about food AND knitting. Just my thing.


Enjoy your day.







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