As I am starting my 3rd week back to some kind of normalcy, I feel strongly the urge for some quiet and a more predictable rhythm to my days. I crave it….

So far there has been several dentist appointments, meetings, a pancake day, play dates, shared lunch at Kinder, horse riding lessons, a big 5th birthday, a broken down fridge and the search for a replacement, growing laundry piles, a sore back and lots of unfinished projects…..I find myself skitting from one thing to another, picking up my knitting only to put it down after only a row..my studio is collecting dust, while the kitchen is getting a workout with school lunches and festive dinners.

So yesterday, I took myself to Yoga and did some deep breathing. And I baked a cake. So there, that felt better! Today I feel sore, but more relaxed, with a couple of hours of uninterrupted thinking time.

First, I am taking stock of my projects….My Stripe Study Shawl is almost done. I am on to my grey border and I am now itching to cast off. The colours are unbelievably vibrant and the shawl will be a stunning accessory piece. You know, the item of clothing you can base the rest of your outfit on….an eye catcher that will receive lots of comments no doubt. Madelinetosh Light is just a gorgeous yarn, and the possibilities endless. If I had to compare it with the Malabrigo Sock, I would say Tosh is glossy, while Malabrigo is matt. Both play beautifully with colours and shade, but Tosh is more elegant and the colours jewel like.  You choose Tosh for that special project, a treat for yourself or a friend. I think very hard before I start a project with this yarn, just to be very sure that pattern and yarn match perfectly.


Malabrigo is my favourite yarn for everyday. Great colours, beautifully soft and comforting. I use it for something special for myself, but not too precious to wear everyday.


Which is not saying both yarns are not hard wearing. It is more the ‘feeling’ I have about the yarn. Some skeins I would almost rather frame and occasionally pat and hold against my cheek that knit with….does that sound weird?

Further down the production line is the Trendy Chale, which is having a little break, until I can source yet another ball of Rowan Kid Silk and the Sweet Peasy is coming out only sporadically, now that the shawl is nearing its end.

And finally, Drifting is making slow progress. While I am looking forward to  my  little black cardigan, it is not the most exiting colour to knit with….and in sock yarn, it is a long knit. Thankfully it has an interesting construction, and it is perfect to knit and listen to a book at the same time. I have just powered through three audio books and a few podcasts. Which is incredible. With audiobooks, I can finally catch up on all those great books everyone is raving about. Slightly obsessive? Maybe….

Secondly, I am planning my next lot of knits.

There is the Rikke Hat I am knitting for a friend in Madelinetosh Vintage in Kelp. Easy and perfectly slouchy.

For my next scarf knit I am tossing up between Line Break, Whippoorwill, or Scalene. All use Sock or Fingering Yarn but bigger needles. Mmmmh, choices….

And there is a new baby girl to knit for, so a little Milo is on the cards. Or maybe a Storyteller Hoodie?

I have also been putting together new yarn orders for Madelinetosh and Malabrigo, as well as a new Artisan Yarn company…..

For Madelinetosh, we will start with Pashmina, a luxurious blend of Merino, Cashmere and Silk. Malabrigo has got a couple of newish yarns, called Arroyo and Finito, which promises to be beautiful and soft like all their other yarns. Silky Merino and more Sock Yarn is also coming in. If you are after a particular colour in any of the Malabrigo Yarns, drop me a line and I am happy to include it in the order.

And finally I am planning my year with monthly knitting get-together and a few knit-alongs. Starting with March 7th, I’ll be opening up studio and house for  a monthly knitting, crafting and sharing day. I’ll envisage it to be a space for sharing our projects, admire and inspire some creativity and an opportunity to browse the shelves and pat some lovely yarns. If there is interest, we could also pick a project to knit together, or you can just bring your own WIP. Plenty of Tea and Coffee and a treat or two. And a little cold coin donation to cover the treats.

So, if you are local, I would love to meet you and welcome you to my little space.

So, you see, I am putting some rhythm back into my life and try to carve out some silence. And now I will sit down with a cuppa and my knitting and wait for pick up time…..

I’ll leave you today with a photo of my latest 5-year-old, who had a big birthday on Monday! Yay for big boys.

Timon's world

Have a wonderful week!


4 thoughts on “Rhythm.

  1. What an enjoyable post to read. I feel like we just sat down at your kitchen table for a chat and a cuppa, and you showed me all your plans! For what it’s worth, I love the look of “Line Break”. 🙂

  2. that is the loveliest photo of your birthday boy! He looks older already! The cardigan you have chosen for yourself is fabulous.

  3. Hi Alex, I am going to get stashed up on those yarns, you wait, once I have done penance (ie finished ALL my projects on the go) I will just go mad! Thank you for getting me onto Pinterest, I had never heard of it – (I am so yesterday, I know…) and read about it on your blog.

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