Bagging it.

Our school year is still fairly new. And tradition at our house has it that when you start class 1 you get a new bag.

So, while I am technically one week late, it still falls under the new’s and first’s. The novelty of going to school with his big sister hasn’t worn off yet. Neither has the excitement of having the same school bag made for his beginning school career.

Basic messenger bag

It a very simple pattern with just a few steps. The body of the bag, a flap, an inside and outside pocket and a strap. Pick some sturdy fabric and coordinating thread and your off. This great basic messenger bag is by Larissa from mmmcraft Its been around for a while, but I have yet to find a better pattern!

For Emilia I used pretty Ikea fabric, which is just the perfect weight. For Gian I went all out and used this gorgeous Echino Fabric I have in the Shop. With its Cotton/Linen content, it makes for a hardwearing and sturdy bag. In fact, Echino is great for funky cushion covers too. And as a colourful panel on a plain skirt….For the lining I used the coordinating solid turquoise.

Well, the boy loves it and is running around the house with it.

The boy and his bag....

And I am happy to see him so exited about this new chapter in his life. The pride he feels to have ‘stepped’ up in this world. Where Class 1 is for big kids. I can see him already growing into a conscientious, responsible boy, with a fiery temper and a hidden tenderness. And I want to hold  onto this moment. Because this time of ours flies, precious moments run through our fingers like sand. Moments, when their growing is more obvious than ever. When I realise with a pang in my heart that he is leaving my fold and spending more time away from me.

Which is what these children of ours are meant to do of course and I, more than ever, encourage their growing independence. I give them the tools to spread their wings even wider, to go out and find their own adventures, to stand on their two feet and stand firm in what they believe.

And still, I want to hold them a little closer, fill their mama-made school bags with little treats that lets them know they are loved and cherished. And know that a little piece of me is with them all day. Oh yes, I am not ready to let go yet….

I hope you had a nurtured weekend.


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