Simply Garter.

It’s all a flurry of activity here….not just the crafty kind.

First couple of days of school. Everyone’s energy is high. Fancy lunches, new lunch boxes, first violin lesson, first days at school with a new teacher and new class room….lots of firsts and lots of new’s….Everybody comes home with lots to tell. But these children are also tired. So tired that by 7.56pm, all is quiet…

Which is when my time starts, really. In the quietness of the evening, when is it still light and balmy. With a class of Pinot in one hand and a project on my lap. Oh no, scrap that….not rest yet. I am baking outrageously delicious oat cookies (seriously, that is what they are called) and writing up class lists and laundry lists for school instead….Its all new’s and firsts for me too….and I am infected by their enthusiasm for school.

But while I am doing that I am hopping around in blog land and I noticed a common theme tonight. Garter. The simplest of stitches, from where it all begins.

I have knitted  Different Lines all in garter stitch. I am still beavering away on my trendy chale, and I could not resist casting on for the Stripe Study Shawl all in garter too.

Stripes and Garter.

One could think I was setting a trend…one could assume I could not knit anything but garter. Well, I found 2 posts tonight proclaiming their love for the simple garter.

Tentenknits is proclaiming her love for a quick fix with a triangle garter scarf in Kogorashi from Noro.

Pintrest is full of gorgeous garter goodness…..

Giant Garter via Pintrest
via pintrest

And Pickles is featuring the same triangle shawl in different combos but still in garter…..

The thing is…..while I like a more detailed and intricate pattern, I just love the accessibility of a simple garter pattern. It is a great way of quickly creating a funky accessory, adding personality to the wardrobe. It usually only requires 1 or 2 skeins of yarn, so you can justify splurging on that special yarn you have been lusting over. And you don’t need to a the master knitter to create something unique and gorgeous.

And for me it is the perfect project to pick up and drop several times a day, carry with me to school pick up or while I wait at the dentist (true, that’s what I did today…), or while the curry is cooking….

So, I say hurray for garter stitch and simplicity.


6 thoughts on “Simply Garter.

  1. I heartily agree. I’ve just finished knitting ‘Kira’ by Cecily Glowick McDonald, which features garter edging. Love it. Sometimes garter just knocks ribbing out of the park.

    1. How is your Kira? And how did you go with that Vest for your Husband? Would love to see a finished Pic of it….
      Also, keep forgetting to mention it…I really enjoy reading your blog. You are very brave to put into words such a personal experience. I struggled with PND after each of my babies and can relate very well. What keeps be balanced now is to tune into myself and nourish myself before I ‘crack it’….Time out, me time, solitude, and yes, some scheduled fun time….

      1. Alex, thank you. Your encouragement means a lot.

        The ‘Kira’ is warm and soft and comfortable. I love wearing it! The vest went well too. Feel free to grab any of my Ravelry photos. (I only have an iPod for photography at the moment.) The Abuelita Merino was brilliant. So soft. Thanks for bringing such wonderful yarns into my life!!

  2. Hi Alex,

    Yes I am a bit of a fan of garter stitch….especially in a nice hand spun yarn as it looks more like you are doing something fancy when you are not….I like that.
    Good to hear the year has started on a high…so exciting!!! My littlest one has started high school (here it is just a progression up the school ladder so not a new school) and is really excited to be doing new things too!!

    Hey are you on Pinterest…if so let me know your details and I can follow you….Hope all is well down your way xox Jo

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