Sunday Craft.

Dying play cloths ...Yellow
and Green .....
..... and lots of shades in between

It was a funny old day, this last Sunday of the holidays. Hot, but dark and windy and then stormy. The kids felt it, and so did I.

There was a restlessness in the air. An anticipation, almost a culmination. I am tired and weary after two late nights…nights spent knitting and finishing the final episodes of “The Killing” (the Danish version). If you are into intelligent thrillers and don’t mind reading sub-titles, this series is a must.

Yesterday I finished hemming all 15m of muslin and was ready to venture into some serious dyeing. I have never really dyed fabric before, except some muddling in tie-dying many years ago. I did my research, ordered the dye (Procion) and Soda Ash, bought 3kg of table salt, collected buckets, gloves and stirring utensils and set up camp on the veranda, closely followed by 3 curious onlookers…

Gian is starting class 1 on Tuesday and a lot of preparation goes into setting up the first classroom, together with their class teacher. Sandpit toys, blocks and dolls are gathered, collected and bought, along with sewing of bean bags and a pile of muslin play-cloths to dye.

So I followed the instructions and my first squares of cloths’ were saturated with ¬†brilliant and gutsy colours. While I was aiming for soft, steiner-inspired pastels, these colours are just great. I diluted, split the single colours and re-did the mix and achieved some different shades and softer tones,


Rainbow of colours......
...ready to be used ...... in all kinds of wonderful ways.


So, a grey and boring day was brightened considerably, don’t you think? I think I might do some more….just because the possibilities here are endless and I am curious to see what other colours I can concoct….

What has brightened your day lately?




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