Our school holidays are nearly over.

Unlike most other schools, we got a couple of extra weeks.At the beginning and at the end. Don’t ask me why….maybe it is so that we can get a spot at the best campgrounds or are able to go to the Zoo without everyone else….and I don’t mind. We have had a great time holidaying. It has been a good summer and it is not even over yet.

But things are starting to wind down, we are trying to get back into some kind of a routine and I am making feeble attempts at getting the house into some kind of order. I have been a bit slack, ahem….every time I look at the kid’s bedroom and start at sorting clothes and books, the outside calls and we are out of the door again.


Potato Point, NSW

And as inconsistent we have been in our days, so has my crafting been. The days have been too busy to pick up a project.

I am still knitting away on my Trendy Chale, with the magic ball of lace that is never-ending. I have finished the second ball of Rowan Kid Silk, but the lace is still there, and its looking like I will need  at least 2 more balls of Kid Silk to finish this mammoth project. But it is going to be a fluffy, soft and huggable kind of scarf. Dazed by its simplicity and featherweight. That’s right. And you might want to check out the Trendy Chale Gallery, should you want to make yourself one of these cozies. They are very trendy in Paris, oh oui…..

So, while I am knitting rather sporadically and mindlessly, others seem to be getting busy.

Quite a few skeins of Sierra have found a new home. Which is just perfect if you want to start your autumn knitting regime. 50%/50% Wool and Cotton makes for just that. Not too hot and not too cool.  And not just that, but adding wool to a cotton cardi gives the fabric a bit more memory and give and might help with retaining its shape a bit longer. A lovely customer is knitting this lovely Eyelet Cardigan with Sierra.

Some Madelinetosh Light has gone to become a Hay Cardigan.

Malabrigo is still a clear favourite and The Fibre Company’s Organik is proving to be a winner with a select few. Several Rocky Coast Cardigan are being knitted up with this little gem of a skein.

I have just put in another order for Cascade Wool and this time I am eagerly awaiting new 220 colours, some Lana d’Oro (Wool/Alpaca) and lots of Eco Wool. I am especially looking forward to the Eco Wool. With a whopping 250g per skein in natural colours, this is a fantastic yarn to knit warm, rustic blankets with. You know, something neutral and natural, earthy and hardy. Since I am not knitting that much at the moment, I have collected some ideas of things I ‘could‘ be knitting…

First on the list would have to be this Big snowy Owl

And Aidez seems to be very popular and if I had the stamina, I would so do it….

And I love Misselthwaite, because I love The Secret Garden…

Idlewood is just ueber cool and the cowl neck in particular has won me over.

Rosamund’s Cardigan has been out for a while and always pops up for me as a lovely cardigan with lovely detail.

This Fisherman’s Pullover is on my list for this year’s boy jumper.

And Anastasia is maybe the one for me…..

So, maybe next week, when the kids are back at school and things return to a more predictable routine, with school lunches, horse riding lessons and regular knitting times, I will progress a bit quicker with my WIP and move on to something new. But then I am sure to miss the noise and mess of three little ones, and  the 10 UNO games a day we play, the impromptu trips to our local water hole for a quick cool down.

I hope your summer is progressing nicely. Are you finding your rhythm again after a long break? Any little ones starting their first day at school?


See ya.




10 thoughts on “Virtual.

  1. Yes sad the holidays are over. My daughter went back to school yesterday but we had one last hooray at Eastern Beach in Geelong last Sunday. Just had to have one more day in the sun and sand before we went back to the routine of school and work.

    1. there is something to be said about routine…I have loved the extra long holidays. The temperatures were just perfect for me. But now I (and the kidlets) are oh so ready for school. Looking forward to some me time…

  2. Hi Alex, I am new to the blogging world and am thinking to myself – WHERE have I been all this time???? Love your yarns and ideas! I recognize the the lagoon your kids are playing in! We go to Spud End (Beachcomber) every year, and have been since 2003! I have implemented an anti-stash policy at the moment, I REALLY WILL finish all my projects and THEN I will certainly go on a BIG binge! Nice meeting you!

    1. Hi Swantje,
      nice ‘meeting’ you and welcome to blog world….its a great tool to chronicle your crafty adventures and be inspired, amused and supported by likeminded virtual friends. I for one am in awe of your quilting talent! I have a quilt that is languishing in my studio, begging me to be finished…I love quilts and dream of making one for each child one day, but at the moment my calling and addiction lies with knitting and yarn. But I will get there, as I do love the process of quilting….
      Beachcomber was great!! When were you there? I would love to go back next summer! Stay in touch, Alex

      1. Hi Alex,
        we were in Spud End Jan 1st – 8th – very close to the beach.
        If we overlap next year, we should do a patchwork tutorial and you can teach me a thing or two about knitting!

      1. Hey, did you not see the photos in the Gunya (at Spud End) of some patchwork workshop? It is all possible. Let’s join forces and do knitting and patchwork on the beach! We went to some campsite up north where they had a NAIL PARLOUR in a camper van…. there is all sorts… something for everybody!

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